As I said in the chapter 978 spoiler thread I decided to create a fanclub for Ulti, the cute, cool and bold Flying Six who seems to have a deep bond with Page One and had the audacity to call Kaido an idiot and to say something about his family.

Thank you @Cinera for this :
Why Ulti Sama is the Best Girl

  • She's a fearless princess who speaks her mind:
    • Here she is dissing Queen
    • She's not afraid of even Kaido:

      (Also legs for days)
      As you can see the rest of the Tobi Roppo are shocked by her actions:
  • She is a protective Onee sama willing to rip into anyone to protect her otouto:
  • She also knows how to joke around with her comrades:
  • Here's some fan art of her:
  • Some memes:

Those who already love Ulti like me are free of joining this fanclub. Let's band together mates !

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@Yo Tan Wa
@Emperor Nami
@Zoro D Goat
@Topi Jerami
@Dr. Spook
@Panties Hunter
@Kucing Pencuri
@Queek Hea D Taker
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