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This is an unpopular opinion on this forum at least.

The theory of Luffy almost beating Kaido before he runs out of juice and the latter waking up again due to awakening so that ZKK happens is the stupidest and most bs one ever. Like, people aren't even understanding this shit, lol.

This is not even a 'fake W', it's just straight up a defeat for Luffy. Like, for example, if Kaido almost beats Luffy but then the latter wakes up having the ability to beat him at that moment because Kaido is down too, but he's beaten by let's say Jack. Is it Kaido's win if he was about to die? Lol. Pure nonsense.

The only way I see ZKK happening is it paralleling the hostage situation with Oden where Zoro would be there this time to save Luffy from Kaido's cheap attack. Because, like the Oden fight, it would be made clear that Luffy would've beaten him if not for the interference.

But of course, most Zoro fans won't accept it because they're so adamant about the awakening bullshit, lol.
I've been saying the hostage situation since last year, it's even on my signature.

I'm pretty sure if ZKK happens, that's how's it going to go down.

Since that's how Zoro's introduction arc went and the only arc where Zoro gave the main villain the final blow.
I actually like Tama as character, she's cute and lovely and I loved her part in Act 1 and also now in the war.

Same goes for Hiyori, she's cool and I wished we see her again in the story to play a relevant part.

Sanji would be liked more if he didn't degrade to a pervert character. His loveydovey chivalry side was great but since he keeps being shown as lecherous woman hunter, he's being annoying. I love his fighting and mind but come on... Just revert back to being a lovestruck idiot.

I liked Water Seven more than Enies Lobby.

I actually didn't mind Jack not really getting a fight. He was finished how he deserved it, treated like an unimportant character, sidelined to be removed without him being remembered. Sure a fight would have been hype, but not needed in my opinion.

I don't consider WCI, Wano or Dressrosa as dragging and tiresome, those arcs have been great, especially upon rereading. The "fans" just like to degrade everything they can get their hands on.

And last one about the OP community, y'all are unbelievably rude and prefer spending your time trashing a story you "apparently like" which simply doesn't show. Constructive criticism is different and y'all aren't here for One Piece but the thrill of jumping at each other's throat trying to feel superior by downtalking others.


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Luffy will only awaken against Sakazuki and it will probably be about vulcanization environment turned into rubber that will tackle Akainu's lethality.