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Kuro is a better villain then current Kaido.
  • Overpowered right hand man: Jango, who can hypnotize people without a devilfruit (more unique then King)
    • Jango is a marine now and still regularly shows up in the story
    • Jango hypnotized Captain Morgan, changing his entire live making him a Chad
  • he is smart (having the second highest IQ in East Blue, behind Benn Beckman)[7] whereas Kaido is stupid AF
  • he has a long term plan, while Kaido randomly teams up with Big Mom for short term gains.
  • he has a cool backstory, being a pirate, but does not want to be a pirate anymore, because of the World Government... Compared to Kaidos "edgy strong Oni child soldier" story
  • he gives no F about his name or being a pirate with "honor"
  • wants to murder a 16 year old girl (Kaya) to get her fortune and kill her village (more evil then Kaido imo)
  • cool Undercover Butler drip
  • tries to kill Merry just for fun (more bloodlust, while Kaido just tanks attacks before getting offended)
  • more fleshed out character in fewer chapters
  • unique fighting style, using supreme speed to make himself invisible ... meanwhile Kaido: tanks many attacks, brute force fighter
Last chapter Franky said that Zoro is not opening his eyes. Sanji will give his eye to Zoro since he covers it with his hair anyway. Then Zoro will get a powerup from Sanji's eye and kill Kaido and get a black blade.
Kuro is a better villain then current Kaido.
this. it's embarassing, really.

also you forgot to mention that kuro wasn't anyone's puppet, while laido was nothing but a tool in the kurozumi granny's hands - even his 'might makes right, big war lets goooo!' isn't really HIS idea, it's just some bs the hag told him and that he was all too happy to gobble up

edit: his only potential saving grace is that it could be his DF. like maybe laido wasn't quite as daft as a vodka kingdom teenager, maybe the koi DF changed him for the worse