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You should be happy you got expelled meaning mafia won't be able to kill you. I'm the reason why you're still alive even if it means you can't use an ability. Would you rather mafia kill you at night at the same time while you take a shot at shooting someone?
juliet can u tell me how yall cleared LM?

@Fujishiro wya i wanna know this

@Lord Melkor do u have an idea how u r cleared as protected sm1?

i guess we can work with this

btw the ability CAN be real, yet the WU is fake

aka he can vote silence, BUT the character isnt what is displayed in the WU

technically, but I assumed they have whole role sheets with fake abilities they can submit, not simply write anything and ask hosts to put it in here
Yes, annoying. I also submitted an action that would have helped and it seems it did not work.

At least one Mafia died, but kills on town were unlucky due to Mango's dead.

This ability of Isaac seems like scum to me and based on wiki he is a villain. Also, what does it mean: "reorder the night actions"?. Re-order as in the targets (what is used on who) or priority (what goes first and last)? If the second, I have seen this ability on Mafia game on Fanverse and this was scum ability.

I need to catch up, but Nana's flip does not look good on @Bonnibel since she invested Joygirl guilty and Nana had the opposite result. However, it would be very risky for scum to fake an invest so early in the game so I am not sure what to make of this.
This is the post from LM that looked towny to me. On day 3 when I saw him claim a protect and saw him talking about his reaction how frustrated he was about the kills, I iso him and found this post of his. This was his first post on day 3 and looking more at this post it looked like he hinted a protect role.

Not sure if this could be faked or not.
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