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Mashiro Blue

𝓦𝓲𝓼𝓱 𝓾𝓹𝓸𝓷 𝓪 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻 ✰
Town Roles Part 2
You are Miku Izayoi

"… You kept our promise. If it's you, there's no problem. Only you…I can trust." - Miku Izayoi

[Passive - Diva] - The first action targetting you will fail per cycle, except kills.

[Active- Rondo] - Restrains the listeners with sound waves. Force to player to use the previous action submitted in the previous cycle. If it was a x-shot, force them to target the same player.

[Active - March] - By performing a rhapsody, Miku gives a morale boost to her target, making them do things that would otherwise be impossible. Her target's next action will go through immunities [2-shot]

[Active - Solo] -Brainwashes the listeners. The brainwashed people retain their perception about other entities, but nevertheless prioritize Miku's desire and well-being above all else. Miku can command Spirits to do her biding. Control a player for one cycle and make them submit an action from their role. If you target either Yoshino, Kotori or the Yamai Sisters, you'll receive an additional one-shot of this ability [1-shot]

[Active- Archangel Gabriel] - Miku's AA-ranked Angel takes the form of an organ that controls sound. Its abilities can be utilized via the organ, which is controlled with a keyboard, or through her own voice. By selecting three players, you'll make a compound ability directed at the target who was going to receive the strongest original ability of those three [1-shot]​

[Active- Fantasia] - A collection of Gabriel's songs sung all at once while infused with all of Miku's remaining Reiryoku. The song combines the healing effect of Requiem with the strength bolstering effect of March.The player targeted by this action will get their next ability amped [1-shot]

[Idol] - Miku has an incredible voice and is a singing superstar, plus she's very warmful and flirty to the ones she cares about. Every 5 posts, she must use "Darling" in one of her posts.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Natsumi

Adult form

“Not once but twice….you saw my secret…! I won’t forgive you. I will never forgive you. Every one of you, I won’t let everyone of you off the hook easily!!” - Natsumi

On Even Cycles

[Passive - Witch] - Natsumi's powers are reminiscent of a Witch. Upgrades all beneficial actions targetting you.
[Active - Kaleidoscope] - Natsumi’s <Haniel> is an AA-ranked Angel in the form of a witch's broom. The broom itself can be ridden for high-speed flight. <Haniel> has the power of transformation, with Natsumi being able to transform anything, including herself, into anything else within a range of at least 1 kilometer. On even cycles, Natsumi can target a player and copy one of their actions.

[Active - Witch's Bewitching] - Natsumi's uses her Angel's power to boost other Spirit's power. Upgrades the action of a player.

[Active - Archangel Haniel] - Natsumi uses her Angel to recharge one of the Spirit's Reiryoku. Refills a player [1 shot]

Chibi form

On Odd Cycles

[Passive - Witch] - Natsumi's powers are reminiscent of a Witch. Downgrades all harmful actions targetting you.

[Active - Kaleidoscope] - Natsumi’s <Haniel> is an AA-ranked Angel in the form of a witch's broom. The broom itself can be ridden for high-speed flight. <Haniel> has the power of transformation, with Natsumi being able to transform anything, including herself, into anything else within a range of at least 1 kilometer. On odd cycles, Natsumi may transform herself into any player she chooses, hiding behind that player.

[Active - Witch's Glare] - Natsumi uses her Angel to transform her target into a chibi version of themselves. Downgrades the action of a player.

[Active - Archangel Haniel] - Natsumi uses her Angel to put her target into stasis field, making them lose one of their 1-shot abilities [1 shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Nia Honjou

“Pure Spirits……………? But, weren’t all Spirits once human?” - Nia Honjou

[Passive - Sister] - Get a random message from Mafia chat every cycle.

[Passive - Kurumi's goal] - As part of her end goal, Kurumi's has been searching for Nia for a long time. If you visit Kurumi, you'll lose your abilities and become vanilla.

[Active - Tome of Revelation] - By using her Angel Rasiel, Nia can know every fact about the World. Investigate a player every cycle.

[Active- Archangel Rasiel] - Nia's S-ranked Angel, Rasiel, is a book that can give the user information about anything that has ever happened in the world, no matter where and when. The user of Rasiel becomes near omniscient. Choose one player. You'll get a list of everyone who visited him and who he has visited during all the previous cycles. You can target dead players. Locked until DP3 [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Akashic Records] - Locked

[Drunk addict] - One of Nia's favorite hobbies is getting drunk and messing around with people. Every 5 posts, you must drunk post and show how drunk you are. As long as she does this, your results may not be tampered with.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

[Conditional Active - Akashic Records] - Fusing with her Angel Rasiel, Nia can access the Infinity Records of Creation. In these Records all events past, present and future are registered in the Library. After 5 players have flavour claimed you can target a player with a super investigation and learn their role's true character name. Only works once. Day action [1-shot]​
You are Mukuro Hoshimiya

"You're an eyesore. You're better off gone" - Mukuro Hoshimiya

[Passive - Zodiac] - Mukuro's Angel, Michael, will activate to protect Mukuro from dying, teleporting her to another dimension. If you are targeted by a kill, you'll be commuted instead for a cycle. Works only once.

[Active - Segva] - Seals away certain functions of the target. Randomly seals an ability of a player of your choice. This effect lasts for one cycle.

[Active - Jerez] - Decomposes Reiryoku and the bonds holding molecules together. By targeting a player with this ability, you can lock a defensive passive for a cycle.

[Active - Rātaibu] - Allows Mukuro to open up holes in space that can be used to teleport herself, summon forth meteorites, and redirect incoming attacks. By opening holes near two players, Mukuro is able to tie them together and any actions performed on one of the players will also be used on the other player. [1-shot]

[Active - Archangel Michael] - The angel has the ability to seal a target’s function by impaling it with a key and can alter the very fabric of space-time by unlocking space to create a wormhole. Overall, Michael is a devastating angel capable of planetary levels of destruction at full power by sealing the Earth's rotation. It can even seal abstract concepts like emotions and memories. Jail a player for the remainder of the cycle [3 shot]
---[Eons' Imprisonment] --- By speding more Reiryoku from her Sephira, Muzuro may extend the jail for one more cycle. If used on a [Innocent] player this ability will fail and you'll lose your remaining shots from Archangel Michael's ability [1-shot]

[Shidou is mine] - After falling for Shidou, Mukuro was very jealous of all the other spirits approaching him. Every time someone mentions Shidou in the thread, you must demark your territory, quoting that post. If they mention Shidou at least 3 times and you quote them, you'll randomly seal an ability of theirs for the NP.

[Conditional Active - Shifurū] - Locked

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

(Unlocked if Shidou is visited at least 5 times by Spirits or is mentioned 10 times in the thread)

[Active Conditional - Shifurū] - Unleash the true potential of <Michael> by transforming it from a key-shaped khakkahara to a Chinese halberd. In this form, <Michael> can be used to awaken the hidden power of other spirits. Unlock a conditional form from your target. This ability can only be used once in the game [1-shot]​
You are Mio Takamiya

"But, ah right, other than that, if this is also the cause of your misery.. You, were never the sort of person I would choose." - Mio Takamiya

[Passive - Deus] - As the being closest to Godhood, Mio is death immune for the first 3 cycles, plus every action will fail on Mio. You cannot talk about flavour or abilities in the game unless they are revealed in the thread.

[Passive - The Origin] - Mio has a deeper connection with the Spirits than any other living being. Why this is so is still unknown. As such, Mio may visit players without performing any active ability. You will not be made aware of who you visit. According to which spirit she visits, certain effects will happen.

--- [Tohka] - Buffs one of her conditional forms. Only works once.

--- [Yoshino] - makes her immune to redirections

--- [Kotori] - Gives her a 1-shot bulletproof

-- [Yamai Sisters] - If you visit both of them they'll gain a mason chat

-- [Miku] - amps one of her abilities

-- [Origami] - Forcefully makes her turn into her Spirit form or Inverse form.

-- [Natsumi] - Changes the cycles for which she transitions her forms.

-- [Mukuro] - Whisper to the player

-- [Nia] - Nia will be informed of who you are.

--[Kurumi] - You will be killed if you visit Kurumi.

[Active - The Source of Reiryoku] - Mio has an endless amount of Reiryoku, which she may share with other Spirits. Refills an ability [3 shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Rinne Sonogami

"Here, you could do anything you wanted. You were allowed to do everything. Everything... but wanting to reach Reality, The Forbidden Fruit" - Rinne Sonogami

[Passive - Ruler] - Rinne's Reiryoku density makes her one of the most powerful Spirits in existence. Your abilities cannot be redirected nor blocked.

[Passive- Rio Reincarnation] - You are linked to your reincarnation, Rio Sonogami. Even if you're targeted by a kill, you'll only die if Rio is also targeted by a kill.

[Active - Paradise Lost] - Rinne also has the power to summon multiple guardians, cloaked beings with humanoid forms and 6 wings that wear either a red, white, or black cloak. and can use them as messengers. Whisper to a player once per cycle.

[Active - Utopia] - Rinne can use her Reiryoku to redo a player's death and temporarily use their power. Target a dead player and use one of their actions. This ability may fail on certain roles [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Utopia: Ressurgence of Eden] - [Redacted]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

You are Rio Sonogami

"Thank you... I.. just the time I was with you. I was truly happy." - Rio Sonogami

[Passive - Innocence] - Being a child, no one will want to harm Rio. Town abilities will fail on you, except kills.

[Passive- Rinne Utopia] - You are linked to your past life, Rinne Sonogami. Even if you're targeted by a kill, you'll only die if Rinne is also targeted by a kill.

[Active - Child Dream] - Rio has the power to summon multiple guardians, cloaked beings with humanoid forms and 6 wings that wear either a red, white, or black cloak sending them to a player and protecting them. Protects a player for a cycle.

[Active- Eden] - Eden is Rio's first power and is presumably her primary ability. She can use this ability to redo a player's death, as this power can redo the World. Revives a player. If you are killed, the revived played will die. [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Utopia: Ressurgence of Eden] - [Redacted]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

[Conditional Active - Utopia: Ressurgence of Eden] - Using the unleashed Reiryoku from Rinne and Rio's death, this ability is activated. Eden is Rinne and Rio's first power and is presumably their primary ability. Eden's power is summarized by Reine as "the power to redo the world until the user gains the desired result". Using this power, Rinne and Rio can create a large field where all the events inside the field can be manipulated and redone as many times as she desires. a Mirage World is created where everyone is alive and no deaths have ocurred. For one cycle, non-janitored dead players may post 5 times in the thread. However, they may not perform any actions, have no voting power and can't flavour claim if they haven't done it prior to their death.​
You are Maria Arusu

"It doesn't get through to her...huh? But I'll say it. You are an idiot." - Maria Arusu

[Passive - Virtual World] - Being an AI, Maria is immune to manipulation abilities, plus your abilities cannot be copied.

[Action - AI] - Being made of data, Maria can target a player and use one of their abilities per cycle.

[Action - Wish for Reality] - Maria uses a more powerful version of AI. Target a player and use one of their limited shot ability this cycle. This may fail on certain abilities [1-shot]

[Active - Virtual World] - Maria is an AI made to keep Fraxinus' operational system functional. As such she doesn't exist in the Real World and her existence is constricted to the Virtual World. Once per cycle Maria can choose to go to the Virtual World for as long as she likes where she is considered being outside of the game and becomes untargeatable by any actions, however, she may also not target anyone outside of the Virtual World and cannot post in the game thread, but she can still vote to lynch players in her role PM. Anyone that is in the Virtual World will get a common chat.

---[Dive into Reality]--- Everytime Maria is in the Virtual World she can choose to go back to the Real World and back to the thread, ending the effects of Virtual World

---[Escape from Reality]--- Once in the game, Maria can hold a tournament and the winner is sent to the Virtual World for one cycle. where they'll gain a common chat. Maria may choose to buff the player in the form of a double action or refill. Maria must be in the Virtual World to activate this ability. Day action [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

You are Marina Arusu

"You are here, in this world, whatever things you are going to do……how it's going to be, I'm looking forward to it. So, do a lot more things, bowl over me, choose. And, show me." - Marina Arusu

[Passive - Virus] - Marina was created as a Virus made of pure data. Each time you visit or are visited by a player, you'll gain immunity against their actions for the following cycle.

[Active - Copy] - Marina can see an ability and copy perfectly the effects of that ability. Target a player and randomly copy and use one of their abilities this cycle.

[Active - Override] - Marina can use her power to transform her target into data, just like herself. Target a dead role and permanently absorb their abilities, except x-shots [1-shot]

[Active - Virtual World] - Marina is an AI made by DEM's Industries to take over Fraxinus' operational system and destroy Tengu City. As such she doesn't exist in the Real World and her existence is constricted to the Virtual World. Once per cycle Marina can choose to go to the Virtual World for as long as she likes where she is considered being outside of the game and becomes untargeatable by any actions, however, she may also not target anyone outside of the Virtual World and cannot post in the game thread, but she can still vote to lynch players in her role PM. Anyone that is in the Virtual World will get a common chat.

---[Dive into Reality]--- Everytime Marina is in the Virtual World she can choose to go back to the Real World and back to the thread, ending the effects of Virtual World.

---[AI's Commandment]--- Once in the game, Marina can hold a tournament and the winner is sent to the Virtual World for one cycle. where they'll gain a common chat. Marina may choose to buff the player in the form of a 1-shot bulletproof or amp the player's next action. Marina must be in the Virtual World to activate this ability. Day action [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all Threats to Town
You are Ryouko Kusakabe

[Passive -AST Wizard] - Being part of AST tasked to hunt Spirits, Ryouko will be investigated [Guilty].

[Passive - AST Commander] - As the commander of the AST unit, Ryouko cares deeply about her subordinates. If Ryouko targets Origami with any of her abilities, she'll protect her instead.

[Active - Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit)] - The standard combat wiring suit of the AST is usually worn around the AST base and underneath the CR-Unit when a use r is in combat. Target a player and make them evade the first harmful action per cycle, except x-shots and kills.

[Active - <Oldest> Gatling Gun] - An Anti-Spirit gatling gun used for long-range combat. During the day target two future posts numbers. Players who post on that number will have their vote power stolen for the phase.

Wincon: Eliminate all Threats to Town
You are Shidou

“If they reject you! Then more than all of them combined! I will accept you!” - Shidou Itsuka

[Passive- Regeneration] - Kotori's regeneration ability that was absorbed by Shidou years ago when Kotori first became a Spirit. If you are killed, you will be revived a cycle later. You cannot perform any actions and will have no voting power the cycle you're revived.

[Passive - Spirit Power Absorption] - Shidou was born with the unique ability to absorb the power of Spirits. Permanently and randomly get one base ability from each flipped Spirit role.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Ya kagu was definitely scum.

Felt it just by lurking

Missed this game damn it.

I really wanted to jump in as a sub but damn no one was inactive 🥺

Congratulations to WQ kagurashi. WQ made this game really interesting and deserves to win.

GG hosts and others

Mashiro Blue

𝓦𝓲𝓼𝓱 𝓾𝓹𝓸𝓷 𝓪 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻 ✰
DEM Mafia Roles

You are Isaac Westcott. You are the GF of your faction.

[Passive - DEM's Director] - As the founder of DEM Industries, Westcott has a deep influence over political affairs. He will be investigated Innocent.

[Pleasure from Death] - Ever since he was a child, Westcott has always had a morbid fascination with death and derived a sadistic sense of pleasure watching the suffering and mourning of others. As such, Westcott is death immune as long as at least one of his faction members are alive. If he's the last member alive, he'll be bulletproof.

[Passive- Magus] - Although unknown to his peers, Westcott has secret knowledge about Reiryoku. Adding to his influence, he's able to hide his the identity of his targets. If he's the one doing the faction kill, it will be janitored.

[Passive - Businessman] Westcott is a businessman, a rather cold-hearted man with no sense of humour. As such, he may only talk about the game in his posts. He may only fluff in a post as long as it also contains things related to the game.

[Active - Political influence] - Westcott can use his connections to his advantage, enabling him to get away of most situations. Choose three players each cycle. If they vote you or any of Mafia even once, they lose their voting power for the remaining of the cycle.

[Active - Spirit Formula] - Having a deep understanding about Reiryoku, Westcott can manipulate it to some degree. Once and only once, Westcott will be able to see the entire action sheet at night and reorder it in any way he wants. This ability cannot be refilled [1 shot]

You are Ellen Mira Matters

[Passive- Pendragon] - Ellen's personal CR-Unit, which is made distinct by its platinum hue and the large Territory she can generate with her mind. Ellen's abilities cannot be redirected or blocked.

[Passive - World's Strongest Wizard] - Living up to her title as "The World's Strongest Wizard," Ellen can easily defeat a Spirit with a limited-release Astral Dress. If she's the one doing the Faction Kill, upgrade it to a Superkill.

[Active - Chastiefol] - A magic missile that has razor edges installed at the back of the CR unit. It is capable of unleashing a barrage of torrential energy. Target a player investigating and roleblock them for the cycle.

[Active - Caledfwlch] - A large laser blade used by Ellen. The blade is entirely composed of Maryoku, making it stronger than any other Wizard's blade. By choosing a target, the first player that visits your target will be killed [1-shot]

You are Artemisia Bell Ashcroft

[Passive - SSS Wizard] - Artemisia is an able fighter claiming fame all over the world, having a unique Territory compared to most Wizards. Artemisia can only be lynched if at least half of the alive players vote her. This is not affected by vote manipulation.

[Passive - DEM Wizard] - Artemisia joined the more technologically advanced DEM in hopes that they could use her powers for the greater good by studying her Territory. She cannot be Tracked or Watched.

[Active - Artemisia's Territory] - When Artemisia uses her territory defensively, its density was noted to be comparable to Ellen's By targeting a player, Artemisia can deflect all their actions to another player.

[Active - Lancelot] - Artemisia's personal CR-Unit and a sister model of Ellen's <Pendragon>. With a neon blueish, purple design, it has an elegant appearance that resembles an armored knight from the medieval ages. Artemisia can use Lancelot to become immune to all actions that target her for the cycle, except kills [3 shot]
-- [Arondight] - Artemisia's personal laser beam sword. If a mafia member is killed during this cycle, Artemisia will superkill the target. If it's a lynch, kill the first player that placed a vote on him [1 shot]

DEM's Mafia Wincon: Eliminate all threats to your faction

Faction bonuses abilities:

[Anti Spirit Measures] Once during the game, all abilities can be disabled for a night, making it actionless except for Mafia. X-shots used up by other players will not be wasted.

[Spirit Hunt] Twice during the game the Mafia can activate this as part of their faction kill, gaining their abilities for themselves as a faction role. This ability will not bypass any immunities to kills.

[DEM's Power] Refill an ability once​


Certified Memelord

i also never expected u to randomly leave and take shido with u. its lots of stuff that went wacky at end

gambit's lynch followed by another actionless night so i couldnt superkill bonni then you and shido leaving and finally WQ surviving a kill

all of these just didnt work as intended

i couldnt even change my superkill to a day kill with an amp sadly
that doesnt mean much when fake claims exist lol

again that's what a delayed far PoE is

i expected us to end game b4 she dies if she is town

the ability kills after 3 cycles. in those 3 cycles we shud of won

like we needed to lynch bonni then vig melkor and finally we r left alone with WQ alot sooner than what actually happened

there were lots of delays
Youre too paranoid, fake claims arent gonna induce a consequence onto you when they target you.

Mashiro Blue

𝓦𝓲𝓼𝓱 𝓾𝓹𝓸𝓷 𝓪 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻 ✰
The Quasi-Spirits Mafia Roles
The Quasi-Spirits Mafia

You are Hibiki Higoromo

[Passive - Sweet Ally] - Hibiki always helped Kurumi when she was in the Afterworld, As such, she'll be investigated innocent.

[Passive - Breeching Air] - Hibiki's Astral Dress which is extremely durable and grants her immense power. Hibiki is bulletproof and her actions cannot be redirected or controlled.

[Active - King Killing] - Hibiki typically uses her Unsigned Angel for information gathering by stealing the appearance of other Quasi-Spirits, knowing what abilities the target used at that moment. Hibiki can target a player and see what ability's effects they used that night, if any, except kills.

[Active - Spirit Manifestation] - At its highest usage, King killing allows Hibiki to switch bodies with a single target. Hibiki can target a player and copy one of their abilities to use in the NP, except x-shots.

[Active - Market shop] - Hibiki is a sweet Quasi Spirit with a degree of kindness that can often be mistaken for naivety. Despite her accommodating demeanor and occasional clumsiness, Hibiki is actually rather intelligent. As such, Hibiki can active this ability to open a shop for players to visit. She gains immunity against any player that visits her shop and she may decide, within reason, and under the supervision of the hosts, which effects players get by visiting it.

[Active - White Queen's power] - By turning off King Killing's safety features, Hibiki can transform her Unsigned Angel into a copy of the target's weapon. Hibiki can acquire, randomly, one of White Queen's abilities as a 1-shot [2-shot]

You are Panie Ibusuki

[Passive - Doll Master] - Doll Master is shrewd, cowardly, cruel and prudent, she hosted killing games while luring unsuspecting Quasi-Spirits with the award of a large sum of Sephira fragments. Panie cannot be controlled nor blocked.

[Active - False Proxy] - False Proxy is a storage unit for dolls, but is not an extension of the Doll Master; rather a mindless puppet. During the day, Panie can target two future posts numbers. Players who post on that number will have their vote power stolen for the phase.

[Active - Talos] - Panie's Unsigned Angel gives her the ability to operate a giant bronze doll. By targeting two players, Panie can bus drive them.
--- [Strings manipulation] --- By using even more dolls that she has stored previously, Panie can redirect the actions of the players who she bus drives.

[Active - Puppet Master] - Panie uses her Unsigned Angel to attach strings to a dead body, effectively gaining control over it. Panie may target one dead role and absorb their abilities and use them as a one-shot [1-Shot]

You are Yui Sagakure

[Passive- Shichihōgiyōjiya] - Yui is not afraid to die because "there will be next time." She doesn't fear death, rather, she is more afraid to die a "meaningless death." Yui will evade the first harmful action targetting you per cycle, except x-shots abilities and kills.

[Passive - Izuna] - Izuna has the ability to conceal the user's presence. You will not be seen performing any actions.

[Active - Goenmason] - By scattering her kunai, Yui draws a magical circle that summons a barrier of flames to entrap the enemy. Alternatively, the barrier can also be used to protect allies from enemy attacks. Yui can target a player and make them evade the first harmful action per cycle, except x-shots and kills.

[Active - Traps] - Being a skilled Quasi Spirit, Yui can place different kinds of traps to up to 3 players of her choice. These traps will stay in those players until they are triggered. Yui can only place one trap per night or move 2 traps per night. She may only place one trap in one of her teammates. These traps will be destroyed when triggered.
---[Trap 1]--- Yui may place this trap unto any player and in the first harmful action they send to your team they will be roleblocked, except kills.
---[Trap 2]--- Yui may place a trap in any of your teammates or yourself protecting them from kills [2-shot]
---[Trap 3]--- Yui can place this trap in any player. This trap will be triggered when a player targets you with an hostile action, superkilling the player [1-shot]

[Active - Shinobi's Way] - Yui can expend more Reiryoku using her Unsigned Angel into her Astral Dress, Izuna. By doing this, Yui will make all harmful actions fail on her team for one cycle, except superkills [1-shot]

Quasi-Spirits Mafia Wincon: Eliminate all threats to your faction​

Mashiro Blue

𝓦𝓲𝓼𝓱 𝓾𝓹𝓸𝓷 𝓪 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻 ✰
Indie Roles
You are Mayuri~☆

"Because I've met you....I'm no longer an existence that was born to disappear." - Mayuri

[Passive - Starwish] - A wish made upon the starry night sky. You are bulletproof all game.

[Passive -Divine Gate] - Being a Singularity, Mayuri can communicate with the dead. She'll receive one message from one dead town per cycle, up to three times in the game.

[Passive - Sanctuary] - Having an immense Reiryoku, if Mayuri is killed, she will superprotect all her targets for one cycle. Plus Mayuri is immune to manipulations.

[Passive - Holy Seal] - Being made of other Spirit's Reiryoku, Mayuri's targets have a voting power of 0 against Mayuri.

[Passive - Authority over Creation] - Mayuri's actions cannot be prevented. If Mayuri is targeting one of her targets, her actions cannot be tampered with nor can she be blocked.

[Passive - Shooting Star] - To prevent herself from fading away from existence, Mayuri will enter a chat with her last alive target, except Shidou.

[Active- Lahathelev] - Kerubiel is capable of launching numerous blasts of lightning from every direction. Additionally, it can fire golden wheels as projectiles. Kerubiel is very durable, taking numerous hits from Tohka and the others in their sealed form and not being damaged by a direct attack from <Fraxinus>’s Mystletainn. Additionally, it can summon a small sphere that turns into a cage upon being in close contact with its target. The cage can regenerate itself unless the core is broken. You may use one of the following abilities per cycle:

- Roleblocks a player.

- Target a player and kills them, if the player is the one who performed the kill on one of your targets the cycle before, upgrade the kill to a superkill. This ability will fail on your targets.

- Blocks the first player targetting your target this cycle. If this is one of your targets, blocks all harmful actions, except superkills.

- Redirects all actions from one player to another of your choice.

- Choose 3 players. These players will have their actions fail on you this cycle.

[Active- Judgement] - Her Angel Kerubiel is capable of acting autonomously from Mayuri, enabling Mayuri to use one additional ability this cycle [2-shot]

[Active - Archangel Kerubiel] - By fusing with her Angel, Mayuri is capable of performing abilties with a much more dense Reiryoku, amping one of her abilities this cycle [2-shot]

[Active - Shidou] - Mayuri was born out of the Reiryoku of spirits and the feeling of jealousy for not having Shidou all for themselves. However, even so, Mayuri only felt the feelings of those spirits and never her own. After Mayuri saw Shidou go on dates with those spirits, she started having her own feelings and a desire to not disappear and be alive, with Shidou by her side, as her existence and purpose for being born was to fade away into nothingness. When Shidou is the last one alive and all the other spirits who were part of Mayuri's creation are gone, Mayuri may target Shidou with this ability. When she does this, both her and Shidou will leave the game and will live happily ever after, winning the game [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Divine Retribution] - Locked

[Conditional Active - Mayuri's Judgment] - Locked

[Conditional Active - Divine Retribution] - After at least half of your targets are dead, you may place the [Mark of Judgment] in any of your remaining targets. If someone tries to kill the marked player, you will superprotect them. If the marked player is the last one alive from your wincon, this ability will also superkill the sender and becomes absolute. Day action [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Mayuri's Judgment] - Using her Angel Kerubiel, and having only one of her targets alive, Mayuri may pass judgement unto a player of her choice, as retribution for killing one of her targets. She will get a list of 3 players and brand them as [Guilty] or [Innocent]. If she correctly guesses the player(s) who killed her target(s), she'll superkill them through immunities. Alternatively if she is killed, [Mayuri's Judgment] will also proc with the same effects, only this time she must correctly guess who killed her. This ability will activate regardless of whatever action you are targeted with. Day action [1-shot]

Primary Wincon: Make sure that at least Tohka, ???, ???, ???, ???, ??? or Shidou are alive until the end.

Secondary Wincon: Remove yourself and Shidou from the game.​
You are White Queen

“You have options. One is life, the other is death. Please give me an answer that would make me want to be merciful. Now, which one is better?” - White Queen

[Passive - Demon King Lucifugus] - White Queen's Demon King, making her indestructible. You are bulletproof all game.

[Passive -Astronomical Afterworld] - Being a Queen, she can't be accused of any wrongdoing. You will be investigated innocent.

[Passive - Lunatic Emperor] - Having lost a part of her sanity long ago, White Queen cannot be controlled. You are immune to manipulations.

[Active - Virgo Sword Betulah] - Creates a crack in space and allows a person to travel between places. You can pick 2 players, if they don't share the same investigation result then no protections can occur on those targets that night nor a player will be able to hide behind them.

[Active - Leo Bullet Arie] - A tracking bullet, guided by the White Queen's will, that devours space. The devoured space takes the form of a white trail that the bullet leaves behind. Kill your target. Cannot be used twice in a row.

[Active - Libra Bullet Moznaim] - Rules over space and can reverse cause and effect within that space. Reverse an action of your target, having the opposite effect [1-shot].

[Active - Taurus Sword Shawl] - An ability that accelerates the speed of the user. Enables the user to perform an additional action this cycle [2-shot]

[Active - Cancer Sword Sartan] - Warps space-time in order to protect the user or assault the enemy. Target a player. If the player performs an action on you the next cycle, kill the target.

[Active - Aquarius Bullet D'li] - Heals yourself completely. Superprotect yourself for a cycle [2-shot]

[Active - Eighth Scorpio Bullet Het Akrab] - The true power of the Scorpio Bullet is the cause for the White Queen's multiple personalities. These personalities also function as storage batteries, which can then be consumed for a quick boost of power. Target a dead role and absorb their abilities as a 1-shot. This may fail on certain abilities and roles [1-shot]

[Active - Sagittarius Sword Keshet] - The attack is described as both a sword as if a bullet, and a bullet as if a sword. Regarded as the White Queen's trump card, it has speed exceeding Mach 10 and is imbedded with enough destructive power to gouge out the space of the surrounding area. Superkill your target. Mustn't have used Leo bullet in the previous cycle nor it can be used the following cycle. [2-shot].

[Active - Gemini Bullet Teomim] - White Queen has the ability to create a copy of herself. By diluting the copies, they become Empties unrecognizable from herself, and by absorbing them, White Queen can reuse a ability she had previously used [1-shot]

[Active - White's Queen Domain] - Anyone who targets White Queen must step into her territory to be able to affect her, The Afterworld, leaving long lasting adverse effects. As such, when a player targets White Queen when this ability is activated, their next actions against her will be downgraded. This ability cannot be used in two cycles in a row.

[Active - All Hail the Queen] - Being the Queen of the Afterworld, White Queen can summon 6 players to the court, having them play a R/P/S match for her own amusement. Being pleased by the results, White Queen grants the winner the [Mark of White]. The player will receive double actions in the first cycle and White Queen may grant a portion of her powers once per cycle, at her own discretion. and she'll become permanently immune to that player's actions for the rest of the game. White Queen can also select three players who lost the match and become immune to their actions for 2 cycles. The [Mark of White] may fail on certain roles. This ability can only be used once in the game. Day action. Locked until D3 [1-shot]

[Active - Gate to The Afterworld] - White Queen creates a dimensional rift in time and space and teleports her and her target to her domain, The Afterworld. In this dimension, both White Queen and her target are untargeatable by outside actions. If White Queen decides, she may have a R/P/S with her target. If she loses, her target will gain immunity against her actions for one cycle. If she wins, superkill the target through immunities. If you target Kurumi, a death match will occur, and, however loses, will be superkilled through immunities and their role becomes untargeatable by any actions. This abilitiy can only be used once in the game. Day action. Locked until D4 [1- shot]

Wincon: Outlive everyone

You are Kurumi Tokisaki

"For you, even falling into hell is not enough." - Kurumi Tokisaki

[Passive - Nightmare] - Regarded as the Worst Spirit, Kurumi is immune to manipulations. She cannot be controlled and her role cannot be copied or used even after death.

[Passive - Elohim "Spirit Dress of God's Authority] - Kurumi's Astral Dress, making her extremely resistant to death and other abilities. She is Bulletproof all game. Plus she will be investigated innocent.

[Active - Archangel Zadkiel] - Zafkiel is an S-ranked Angel takes the form of a large clock with Roman numerals, accompanied by an archaic pistol and musket that serve as its hour and minute hands respectively. Gain access to the following abilities:

[First Bullet Aleph] Protect yourself from the first harmful action at night, except kills.
[Second Bullet Bet] Delay all actions this user performs for a cycle. If they die before the actions activate, they are considered lost.
[Third Bullet Gimmel] Target any player and if they are one of your targets super kill them
[Fourth Bullet Dalet] Reverse time for you or a player of your choice. Any status effects, destroyed abilities, actions performed on that person or role changes from the last phase are undone.
[Fifth Bullet Hei] Kurumi will learn of two random actions during the night phase
[Sixth Bullet Vav] Know every player that performed an action on you during the last cycle.
[Seventh Bullet Zayin] Select a player. They cannot perform any actions for the rest of the cycle, but also can’t be affected by any actions from other players for the rest of the cycle.

[Active- City of Devouring Time] - Kurumi possesses the ability to absorb the time of anyone who steps into the boundary of her shadow. In order to target a large crowd, Kurumi can summon a red barrier that serves a similar function, which she calls the City of Devouring Time. This way, Kurumi can drain her victims' time to the extent where they would die. Anyone who visits you this cycle will get roleblocked.

[Active - Time Inversion] - Kurumi uses her bullets Dalet and Het together to create a time manipulation ability that let's her protect herself from incoming abilities by reversing her own time to a state before the event. As such, when Kurumi activates this ability, and if she is targeted by an hostile action, she will reverse back her own time, nullifying the effects of that ability. This abilitiy can only be used once every two cycles.

[Active - Spacequake] - Kurumi can create a dimensional rupture in time and space. Spacequakes are similar to explosions, erasing everything in their range without a trace and leaving a crater behind. Their size can vary greatly, depending on the Spirit. Once per cycle, Kurumi can target anyone who role-reveals, superkilling them through immunities. If she is killed before White Queen, White Queen will inherit this ability.

[Active - Kurumi's Star Festival] - An invitation from Kurumi to participate in the Tanabata Festival. Kurumi can choose 6 players and have them participate in a Mafia mini game of her choice, the loser can never hurt you and their votes on you counts for 0, the winner gains a double action buff but you will learn their entire role and will be allowed to control it the next cycle. Day action [1-shot]

[Active- Nightmare of Time] - Target any future lynch and mark it with the Symbol of Time. When the DP of that selected lynch is reached, you may tamper it in any way you like. Be it hammering. redirecting it, delaying it, anticipating it or even nullifying the lynch. This ability can only be used once in the game. Day action [1-shot]

[Second Angel Rasiel] - Locked

[Conditional form - Scarlet Nightmare] - Locked

(Rasiel will permanently unlock after Nia is killed)

[Active- Tome of Revelation] - Investigate a player and find out their alignment. If it's one of your targets, you'll receive their role name and this ability bypasses immunities.

(Kurumi will access this form if at least half of her targets are dead and she didn't perform the two kills on them or if she has only one target remaining from her wincon)

Scarlet Nightmare Kurumi Tokisaki

[Passive - Scarlet Nightmare] - You are Immune to death and all harmful actions for a cycle.

[Passive - Timeless Nightmare] - Yours actions cannot be redirected or blocked.

[Active - Archangel Zadkiel True Form] - Gains access to these additional bullets as one-shots:

[Eight Bullet Het] Allows you to activate one additional bullet the turn you use this ability.
[Ninth Bullet Tet] Target 1 of your targets in a r/p/s. If you win role block them/take them off your win con. (You can reuse this a second time if you win)
[Tenth Bullet Yud] Reveal 1 of your targets (town/indie) or at the end of next cycle (mafia)
[Eleventh Bullet Yud Aelph] Remove a player from the game. Day action
[Twelfth Bullet Yud Bet] . Go back to the past. You can target any WU and undo it or rewrite it. Alternatively you can Superkill any player, undoing any action they have performed. Changes in the past will be reflected in the present gamestate at the start of the next day phase. Day action

[Active - The Paradox of Time] - Having a deeper understanding of Zafkiel and the very fabric of reality,, Kurumi can trap a player in an endless loop of life and death. By using this ability, Kurumi will make the player transition between timelines where he's dead and alive, rotating between odd and even cycles. Works only once Day action [1-shot]

Indie Wincon: Outlast Nio, Mia, Hibiki, Shidou, Isaac Westcott, and White Queen. You must kill at least two of your targets yourself.​


The End and the Beginning
Actions shouldnt count then. Thats too much man.
I couldn't disagree more. There had to be a way for scum to take out threats/confirmed townies otherwise with the level of protection town had they'd have no way to kill their targets. In the end only a single role could do so and even that only after another role which didn't want to kill players randomly had died. I think it's fair. White Queen's anti-claim was effectively the only anti-claim mechanism - claiming was allowed to assist the town, but there had to be consequences towards it.
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