[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Okay so

Sera = busdriver
The Air Conditioner = vig

Did Flower/Queen/Cobra/Jew Boy ever claim?
I’ll claim a little - I’m Dustpelt, and I’m a roleblocker. My actions on N1 and N2 didn’t really yield anything useful, based on how things have shaken out, hence my continuing frustration with how opaque things have been in this game.
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Nekochako was banned after threatening suicide and using racial slurs, not sure who took over for them.
I claimed ages ago. And The Air Conditioner is scum, just like Fuji-scum-shiro.
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He legit said he didn't kill NW and this confirms he is not the Vig. Queen is our Vig.
i'm not the town vigi, drago said that my ability is primarily an investigation one with only killing being a conditional secondary effect
that's why my visit to cobra didn't show up as an attempted kill
@Zara Now TAC in an attempt to defend Fuji was saying Nat was SK.Look at her profile. She wasn't SK.

When I asked about Fuji being vig and being immune to kills, TAC said that his immunity was for 1 or 2 kills. How did he know this? To me this was a scum slip. Fuji never said he was immune to a certain number of kills. Yet TAC apparently knew about his ability without Fuji divulging. This makes me believe Fuji is a power mafia role and TAC has been begging for us to lynch anyone but Fuji.
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@TheAncientCenturion why don't you actually explain your role to us?
every time you talk about your role it seems a different role
He first has to get clarification from Drag. be patient.


I will never forgive Oda
@TheAncientCenturion why don't you actually explain your role to us?
every time you talk about your role it seems a different role
I got 3 new abilities when shadowclan died.

I can choose a target each night and protect them.

Passive—The first harmful action on me doesn’t work and I learn the name of the clan that attacked me

I can stop myself from being rbed twice only.

I also have 2 lives.

My old passive made it so I couldn’t post on even phases and I was immune to anything during night phases on even phases.
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