[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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Marimo got killed?

I had a doubt when he invited me to his pack.

I'm glad I avoided it.


I remember TAC yesterday said sniff the only way to prove Krogothwolf innocence is death.

Is TAC vigilante?

Also his claim seems weird. It's a good excuse to be inactive when he claimed he cannot post on even day.

How is a super-kill stopped?
No idea. I think it cannot be avoided. It's stronger than faction kill/normal kill sniff
Yeah same I didn't really understand, the night phase and the day phase were weirdly put together

And also the fact that FInal had been lynched but survived ??
I think this could have been a scum ability or a game mechanic. Beta apparently had lynch immunity, this confirms him as scum I guess. Don't think Townies would have that.
Main kitty character dead :sadgrin:

I'm thinking one of these kills is a town kill, probably krogo? Lol and a third kill failed. So there are three killing roles. The third one might have been aimed at Finalbeta or mafia lead. @Finalbeta did you get informed of an attack on you?

I hope we're not all going to get sick now, this is COVID paranoia all over again. Meow.

@NeutralWatcher are you the one who's spreading the disease? I'm assuming you visited someone?

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TAC can’t talk, there’s a VIRUS going around, AND we still don’t know how the day ended so abruptly...these kitties truly aren’t fucking around :noo:

Final’s still giving off weird vibes, not sure how he survived...might have to reconcile with Neko, his random shot could prove to be correct.

No message was sent me from the host but yes there's a chance that Drago didn't notice me and perhaps the superkill was inflicted on me, I don't believe this is the case however
Lol no way Drago didn't notice you, what kind of comment is that :milaugh:

Then maybe, just maybe there is a role with one bulletproof to superkill? The role was informed of it probably though.

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If the infected knows he is infected he should step up.

If the one targeted received some message that he was targeted he should also step up.

@Finalbeta I asked you why did you change the part in your message from him to me. Was it just a typo?
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