[FNZ] Role Madness Warrior Cats: The Prophecies Begin (Unofficial)

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~ I Need A Vacation ~
I have multiple abilities

1 Allows me to guard someone of my choosing and protect them that night, anyone who comes in gets killed by me. If its multiple people tho the attack goes through (I used that on Tac)
I have the ability to superkill anyone
I cannot be killed at night/only lynched
I have an ability that i can activate during the day that allows me to not kill someone if they reveal themselves to be a townie, they instead just back down. I used that ability thinking that if al wasnt scum i wouldnt kill him. I forgot that surv wasnt town.
And finally i have a passive ability that anyone who comes near me that is scum gets killed by me.

I am a good asset for town, use me as you wish.

The name of my cat is Whitestorm

Nat, what is your name and abilities, i ask again. You keep dancing over the question.
Sounds a whole lot like an SK.


Sniff I think Queen is townie. Natalija looks sus with mistaking Al Sama and Marimo and her slip is huge. And Fujihiro took back that he didn't kill Al Sama.

Alright guys, just confirmed that i didnt kill Al, i guess he is considered townie for my respected warriors ability. So nat may be telling the truth about killing him.
NVM i did kill him apparently

Vote Lynch Fujishiro
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