Questions & Mysteries Was Kaido holding back all the time?

Was Kaido only playing around?

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I think Kaido used FS back then but seeing how they did not damage he didn't care.
Like why make a bigger effort if the damage will be small.

Ashura and later acoc Luffy changed his strat.

It could be also Oda just pulling shit as he goes
until that gets confirmed in the manga, whether or not he used future sight at any point before this moment, I think that’s a bit of a reach/headcanon-y to say that anyone’s attack forced him to do things differently. It looks like he’s sandbagging everything without a care, especially if he could’ve dodged or seen the future at any point in time during these fights. I don’t even know how significant any of the damage has been on him so far.

What about kaido’s strategy has been different since chapter 1010? I’m not tryna downplay Luffy or zoro, but what changed other than fact that he’s really starting to use more of his power? What does that say about the performance of the rooftop five? It feels like the gap between kaido and everyone else keeps growing because we can’t tell how much any of the damage that he’s sustained has been affecting him. Or if we should consider lifting onigashima this whole time as a nerf.
Kaidou played around against everyone until he found worth in Luffy to finally go serious against (including) increasing his haki output to keep getting stronger, FS, Drunken Bagua and its multiple modes)
Nope, he wasn't, it's just that strong and now we're getting why Doffy was deeply scared by this monster.

The third CP0 agent, with his boss, gonna weaken a bit Kaido, till Luffy got up again for the final round, awakened goat vs awakened goat :myman: