What do you imagine users looking like

What do you Imagine certain Users looks like While reading their posts

Let me start

i always Imagined @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung and @Mr. Anderson As some fit 25-30 years old Asian guys

I Imagine @comrade looking like Ace

I imagine @Dragomir @Yo Tan Wa @Van @Bogard @Gol D. Roger @Noctis and others looking like generic urban white guys in their 20s.

I imagine @Jew D. Boy looking like Skinny Seth Rogen with Black hair

I always assumed @RayanOO and @TheAncientCenturion were handsome French guys who smoked all the time
Once i found out @Van isn't white and @TheAncientCenturion isn't german i stopped relying on how people type/behave to imagine them. I just go by the characters they rep the most.

Like @ZenZu as an angry dark-skinned basketball player and @HA001 as Raian (doesn't usually rep him but i'll make an exception cause he reminds me too much of that mf).
I imagine you looking like Light