General & Others What if Sanji was in the roof top instead of Zoro?

imo everyone would be dead by now, sanji wouldn't have been able to protect luffy and the other supernovas like zoro did, also he can't hurt big mom
He will bake a cake for both BM and Kaido.
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We would have the first death during the Onigashima Raid.

Sanji dies to an unnamed club swing from Kaido.
not if he manages to bake that delicious cake that even Kaido cannot resist and surrender to


Mass Destruction
Kaido would just one shot him immediately so it'd be 4v2 with only Luffy consistently being able to deal damage to Kaido.

When his haki runs out, he'd be fucked since he wouldn't have a reliable crewmate there to save his ass.

Whenever the duo decide to use Hakai, the SN would just get evisercated and so the Yonko win.