What series are you watching ?


Year of the Lab Coat Girl
Currently watching:
Peaky Blinders
Princess Connect: Re Dive!
Black Clover
Attack on Titan
Kimetsu no Yaiba
World's End Harem
My Dress Up Darling
Fantasy Bishoujo
Ousama Ranking

only goated shit on my list
I just finished the korean zombie series, All of us are Dead.
This ain’t that scary but really pissed me off, the characters in the series made me mad since the ep 1 lmao but overall it’s a good series!
Demon Slayer season 2 :finally:

One Piece, of course.

Finished season 2 of the Witcher and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as season 1.

The Beatles Get Back. I adore them so much, I wish talent like that still existed. It doesn't.

Tried to watch Lost In Space on Netflix, couldn't go past episode 5. Boring and obnoxious characters.

Ghost, it's okay for a laugh