What was the last movie you watched?

Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings. 4.5/5, This was really spectacular and one of Marvels most unique films. The action is arguably the best in the series and the characters are are really interesting... especially the "Villian" played by Tony Leung who is easily one of the best of the series.
Nocturnal animals 7/10
The story was that Jake gyllenhal or however you spell his name sends his ex wife (Amy adams) a novel he wrote but the story of the book was so good and it took like 90 minutes of the 2 hour movie
Whenever they went back to her the movie got boring and uninteresting
The Book should have been the whole script
Anything outside of that was a waste of time
That Highway scene is :believe::hope:
The Velocipastor
A priest gets the ability to turn into a dinosaur and with the help of a hooker he fights against evil Ninja's
You can't make this shit up
The movie has no budget
A car explosion happens in the first few minutes but all it shows is a writing "VFX: car on fire" :gokulaugh:
This is one of those movies that doesn't take itself seriously and is so bad it's good
You don’t like them ?
I loved the hobbit
I hated Lord of the rings

I think the hobbit is so much better and well written story

while Lord of the rings sucks ass!
Gandalf is probably the only good thing in lord of the rings… beside him all characters are trash and badly written, and the acting is so bad! Only gandalf is good

The hobbit on other hand had better consistency and execution for every character, and the end of their story was well done.

This is why I think people will hate my opinion as Lord of the rings is the main original story I believe and people like it more, it’s even more successful as it won waaay more academy awards while hobbit was only nominated, never won
I'm not a big lord of the rings fan myself but it was way better than Hobbit
Hobbit is a 5/10 at best
Boring with uninteresting characters and villains, no tension and no development for the cast