Speculations What would be sweet commanders bounty if they would be in the beast crew?

If we want to know what would be the bounties from sweet commander if they would be in the kaido crew we need calculation the difference between kaido and big mom bounties (to know this bonus of aggressivity). This bonus is 10.5% (kaido bounty is 10.5 % more than Big mom).

So the sweet commanders bounties would be and their role in the kaido crew :

1) Kata: 1.109.8500.000 berrys
2) Smoothie: 978.600.000 berrys
3) Cracker: 903.000.000 berrys

- King: Big brother and leader from all star
- Queen: Big Brother and all star
- Kata: Big little brother and all star
- Jack: Little brother and all star
- Smoothei and cracker: Between all star and tobbi roppo

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Yep, did you? There no problem with his fishness fish math, perhaps there's a problem with your Katakuri-hater logic? Probably, after all you hate the Great Katakuri!
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Are you mad because Katakuri > King? :choppawhat:
king is leader from all star while kata is weaker than queen (200 mill difference):josad::josad::josad: