Speculations Which name for Luffy’s trio ?

This thread is a little silly, but I thought it would be funny to try to find a fitting name for Luffy’s three strongest nakamas : Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe. Doflamingo, BM and Kaido have each their own trio represented by a name and a theme :

- Top Executives (card suits)
- Sweet Commanders (food/candy)
- Calamities/All Stars (strongest playing cards/disasters)

Shanks and BB’s trio don’t have a name as far as we know (although all BB’s nakamas are called the Titanic Commanders) but I suspect they have one. If Luffy is about to reach Yonko level, maybe it’s time for his trio to get a badass name. Obviously they won’t choose it themselves but maybe the Marines will give them one.

Maybe a name related to the four elements since they are connected to this theme (earth for Zoro, fire/air for Sanji and water for Jinbe).
None. Luffy's crew is not structured that way; it's just the captain and then his "nakama," each with a specific role. The closest you'll get to identifying the strongest members is the M4 (formally the M3), which includes Luffy himself. Blackbeard's set up is closer, except Luffy doesn't give his "nakama" a fancy title, and I'm pretty sure Blackbeard has fodder.

Gol D. Roger

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Luffy won't rank them so we'll have to settle with whatever the world of OP thinks of them. I don't think the dynamic will be much different than Roger's crew. Zoro is already accepted/seen as number 2 by the world. The rest will simply be referred to as the members of the SH crew akin to the members of the Roger crew.

Everyone except for Zoro will be known for their official role in the crew i.e., Cook of the SH crew, Sniper of the SH crew, Helms man of the SH crew...etc.
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