Questions & Mysteries Which OP Youtubers y'all watch? If you do?

Which OP Youtubers Y'all watch?

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You missed one of the best ones Tekking101 & Rogersbase.

Swayer7mage - Seems like a dope dude as well I'd chill with him.

Enjoy their charisma and positivity.

KOL - feeds the trolls and adds fuels to the fire with bad power scaling and horrible tier discussions, a lot of Sanji Fans who join forums use his same talking points (Very annoying)
Jay D - Don't watch at all
Brago - I enjoy watching he tries not to add his bias
Morj - If I have nothing to do throw him on in the background
Ohara - Not until he came out with the biggest spoiler have I ever watched him, but now catching up on all his videos
GrandLine - Sure I enjoy his vids he seems like a cool guy to hang out with.