Questions & Mysteries Which OP Youtubers y'all watch? If you do?

Which OP Youtubers Y'all watch?

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I'm not counting One Piece reactors like Uzumaki Khan or Hibou 3HD because they don't post One Piece theories or reviews that often.

Top tiers: Swayer7mage, Morj, KOL, Tekking101, Rogersbase.
High tiers and below: Fiji, Joyboy Theories, Thelegendmac, Jay D, Brago, Ohara, GrandlineTV, Alpha2late17, OneWorldHD, King Recon, FerroSpace, etc.

And some Vietnamese OP Youtubers cuz some of them are funny as hell.
Naruto khan something, those 30 seconds where he keeps being hit by that board are the apex of the OP yt community.
That's Uzumaki Khan ^^

Sugimoto 14


Most one piece and animanga youtubers are cringe

Theorists spam too many theories that are extremely implausible. Basically fanfictions

Watching a few hour long stream is a waste of time when i have other things to do

Reactions are fake

1 hour long videos about a single line of dialogue(tekking) is not for me