Questions & Mysteries Which OP Youtubers y'all watch? If you do?

Which OP Youtubers Y'all watch?

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You missed one of the best ones Tekking101 & Rogersbase.

Swayer7mage - Seems like a dope dude as well I'd chill with him.

Enjoy their charisma and positivity.

KOL - feeds the trolls and adds fuels to the fire with bad power scaling and horrible tier discussions, a lot of Sanji Fans who join forums use his same talking points (Very annoying)
Jay D - Don't watch at all
Brago - I enjoy watching he tries not to add his bias
Morj - If I have nothing to do throw him on in the background
Ohara - Not until he came out with the biggest spoiler have I ever watched him, but now catching up on all his videos
GrandLine - Sure I enjoy his vids he seems like a cool guy to hang out with.
What did Ohara Spoil for you:kriwhat:


Oda's accuser
She is still on Dress Rosa arc, but what I love mostly in her vids she is honest and never show fake reaction, so for some people it's bad, but unlike others she discuss things that made her think about some topic etc. So it's not Khan reaction, who will break the door case of his fake hype.
Yeah what matters is the quality of the analysis they make no matter which point of the manga they are on I think.
Whenever I want to laugh like crazy I watch Tekking. This guy is cringe af
This... Tekking is someone you'll watch to light up OP thoughts and laugh...

What's your guys' opinion on Morj? 🤔

He is one of the most famous IIRC
I tried watching his recent videos and his most viewed ones... Quite cringey... While his contents and opinions are quite fine, I think he's overhyped AF...

I wanna try watching his videos, but I heard his videos are in Japanese...