Questions & Mysteries Which title is higher?


waiting for Marvel Rivals
Pirate King, Worlds Strongest Titles dont mean shit, whitebeard was outclassed by marco and jozu at MF and Luffy > kaido
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MC is stupid. Remember? He is an idiot. Roger became Pirate King only because he travel through all islands of the world. Next Pirate King has just to find One Piece. Not even that only going to Laugh Tale is enough to be considered Pirate King.

Now WSM you have to beat Mihawk or somehow show to be greater than him.
Ironic because Mihawk himself states becoming pirate king is a more ambitious title
Its difficult actually..WSS title is limited to sword..
Mihawak himself admitted that being PK is far more difficult path....
I would say RHM has more potential , when we look at Rayleigiht , Shiryu and Zoro..but conincidantly all them amuse sword
Especially since Mohji is going to be RHM of the PK.
Based :finally::finally::finally:

Rayleigh is more feared in the world than Mihawk is based on the WG
Maybe, but that's because of knowledge he possesses, not because of his strengh (which is a factor ofc. but smaller). Dude has been in Laugh Tale and learned the true history.

Mihawk on the other hand, was working for the WG for a long time, and never did anything to spite them, thus never giving them a reason to fear him. Now that the Shichibukai have been disbanded I'm 100% sure that Mihawk will be one of the highest priority targets for the WG.

As far as titles are concerned WSS > PKRHM
WSS means your are the top 1 in your field, PKRHM means you are second to someone else.