General & Others Which warlord could have possibly accepted Kuma's offer of help ?

During Thriller Bark arc Bartolomew Kuma who visited Thriller Bark to tell Moria about Ace's capture and Blackbeard replacing Crocodile as the new Shichibukai offered his help to his colleague against the Straw Hats, remembering that the Straw Hats managed to beat the CP9 against all odds, which Moria of course refused out of arrogance.

However is it possible that at least one of the other warlords that were made before or during the timeskip could have possibly accepted Kuma's help against a particulary tenacious foe or problem ? If yes, which one(s) ?

Jinbei seems to be the only one friendly and humble enough to accept Kuma's help imo.

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OT: The only one I could think of who might accept his help, and this would only be under the most dire of circumstances, is Mihawk. We saw him react somewhat positively to Zoro’s begging right before the time skip, which indicates to me that he’s not above foregoing his pride if it’s for a good cause. Again, this wouldn’t happen if it can be at all avoided, so I don’t anticipate Hawk Eyes just going around leaning on others for support...but if he had to save someone or otherwise has a more noble goal, then maybe he’d accept it.
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The Grandgrandmaster, but just for fun. He is also the only Shichibukai who doesn't need any help whatsoever after all.
Doflamingo wanted Fujitora on his side in Dressrosa, and he's not even a pirate but a stinking marine. Fujitora basically remains a neutral the entire arc, he wasn't actively undermining Doflamingo as distracting Sabo and chasing Law was helping Doffy but pushing the Birdcage and arresting his crew after the defeat balances that out.

I think Doffy would accept Kuma's help in a desperate situation. At the beginning of Dressrosa? Doubt it.

Doffy and Kuma hang out together in Mary Geoise and at Marineford. It makes it seem like they have a bond of some sort when the other Warlords avoid each other.
Kind of hard imagining Mihawk needing Kuma‘s help in any situation.
Also, he always seemed very proud to me, so I can‘t really see him asking for help either.
My bet is on Boss Jimbo, but only if FI would have been in a situation where it would have been impossible to be protected by him alone