Character Discussion Who’s a Better Character Luffy or Goku?


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Luffy is objectively a better person. Both are selfish & dumb, but Luffy at least has goals and fights for his people. Luffy does heroic deeds all the time even though he said he's not a hero.

Goku has no achievable goals and has been willing to jeopardize the safety of his friends, family and the entire universe multiple times just so he can have a 'good fight' and inconsistent saiyan pride bs. Vegeta is even worse. Dragon Ball Super never should have been released to the public.
You can probably tell I'm not a big fan of Dragon Ball.
this is pretty subjective, so I'll answer based on gut feeling alone. The short answer is: Luffy.

I just like him, everytime he is on panel is very exciting, he is just pure fun. And this is impressive for me, because I usually find most shounen protagonists pretty boring. Goku included, since he is the one who started it. That is one of the points that makes me think Oda is a genius. Did he invent a shounen character that is totally different from the others? No. He went with the usual formula, but just exaggerated all the common protagonists traits. The result is a character that is familiar, but, at the same time, innovative. Something that is serious, philosophical, but also likes to make fun of itself so life doesn't get too serious. Maybe Oda himself is like that
Goku has the balance of the stupid trope and the badass when he gets serious. Luffy had that and then G5 happened. Goku has that drive to fighting stronger guys and testing himself from always while Luffy didn't seem to have it like that. For example you could expect Goku smiling and enjoying the fight against Kaido while Luffy's Are You Having Fun line felt out of character, we literally have Senzu beans being offered to opponents while the planet is on stake IIRC.

Its a little unfair though because we have Goku from kid version all the way to becoming a grandpa while we have Luffy from 17 years to 19 years (flashbacks don't really compare to DB Goku).

That being said, Goku is a douchebag as a father.
Gokus badass is a tier above Luffys badass tho
^I do believe the poll would be closer pre-Wano tho
Yeah probably closer. But imo Luffy peaked in Alabasta. His determination and character was so good in that saga.

Skypeia and Ennies Lobby were also good but there’s definitely a moment in Thriller Bark where Oda makes Luffys more fun loving personality turn into more raw stupidity
Peak Luffy is Ennies Lobby Luffy
Ehhh I disagree. Ennies Lobby was great. But look at Alabasta Luffy; he showed amazing maturity when he taught Vivi the realism of war and told her to stop trying to shoulder everything. He showed intelligence when he learned the water trick and even more with the blood trick. And his stupidity with water Luffy that croc ridiculed him angrily about saying Luffy wasn’t taking this seriously just for Luffy to counter it with how serious he truly was is so fucking great.

Ennies Lobby Luffy lost the joy and focused too much on him being the serious and more generic Shonen MC it didn’t have the combination of seriousness and goofiness that made me really like Alabasta and east blue Luffy. Just like modern Luffy lost the seriousness which is why it feels much lamer.