Character Discussion Who’s a Better Character Luffy or Goku?


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sure let me give the guy who wants to kill everyone in the world a fair fight
Cause in Gokus mind that senzu bean was the guarantee to win. If cell is exhausted he may be desperate and use cheap tricks to win. Goku needed cell to be an overwhelming force to Gohan to force Gohan to unleash the power inside him that Goku sensed in the time chamber since that power was literally an instant win condition.
Goku is so trash as a character.
He's the worst father in the world.
Dude lacks any ounce of common sense, he's actually a retard.

The dude has fought Frieza a million times, and he'll still ask "so will you behave this time" only for Frieza to stab him in the back and the world gets destroyed.
He has no sense of urgency, it is like he doesn't know when the world is in danger.

Far too interested in fighting strong opponents. Goku is probably the most evil main-character around. He's so goofy that he will prioritise his need to fight over everything else.
Just because a character smiles doesn't make them good people.
Goku is actually a risk to society and the world, he should have been left in hell when he died.

Luffy while being a retard too at least knows when to get serious and fight seriously. He completely defeats his opponents and he doesn't do this mercy nonsense.

Toriyama is a legend for making a great series, but I think everyone but Goku is why DBZ is great. Vegeta is amazing, Gohan is great, Picollo and all are the only reason DBZ is great besides Goku being the strongest most times.
Goku gets carried by good supporting characters and amazing villains.

Goku I can't stand, I have to go with Luffy. Dude is not as retarded.
Not sure how people can view Goku as the better character... he is the most popular but he is definitely... more retarded than Luffy.
If this was a popularity contest or strongest contest, Goku wins, but in terms of character and attitude, I'd much rather live in a world with Luffy who defeats his opponents once and for all rather than Goku who will let them live only for the world to get destroyed.
Goku's a terrorist.
Goku has the balance of the stupid trope and the badass when he gets serious. Luffy had that and then G5 happened. Goku has that drive to fighting stronger guys and testing himself from always while Luffy didn't seem to have it like that. For example you could expect Goku smiling and enjoying the fight against Kaido while Luffy's Are You Having Fun line felt out of character, we literally have Senzu beans being offered to opponents while the planet is on stake IIRC.

Its a little unfair though because we have Goku from kid version all the way to becoming a grandpa while we have Luffy from 17 years to 19 years (flashbacks don't really compare to DB Goku).

That being said, Goku is a douchebag as a father.