Questions & Mysteries Who else can survive the Oden-boil execution?

Big Mom might even take it w/o any serious harm. Other than her only Kaido.
With Oden's introduction it looked like he also was a natural specimen. While others can keep up with his physical strength, it still seemed like Oda wanted to portray that he also has that "super" - durability (boiling + 3days chained to the Moby dick) .
He's not exactly on Kaido's and Big Mom's level with it, but seemingly still extraordinary.
WB, Roger and guys like Mihawk and Shanks imo can beat him, but I dunno if they got that dura.
I also can be totally wrong about it and it was solely a matter of willpower and therefore any top tier can practically do it, but I doubt it.
This legititmately should be something that kills even top tiers.
Oden didn't technically "survive" the boiling Lava, he withstood it. Kaido shot him to put him out of his misery, stating that his body was already dead because of the oil. Had Orochi stuck to his word and let Oden go after the time limit, Oden would have died regardless. That's why when the Samurai speak of Oden's death, they say he was boiled alive, and not shot by Kaido.

The question should be can anyone actually survive it, and who else can withstand it for over an hour.
We are talking about a verse in which magma is always hotter than fire guys.

In real life fire at its hottest is hotter than magma at its hottest.

And only at its coolest magma is hotter than fire at its coolest.
Magma is never stated to be hotter than fire in One Piece, only superior, which is true. Ace's fire couldn't "Burn" Akainu because Magma can only become hotter, the more heat applied to it. Ace only got burned by Akainu, because Akainu smothered out his flames, and attacked his real body.

In the case of the burning oil, it's the fire underneath it, that is making it that hot. Oil could never reach anywhere remotely close to those temperatures without fire.