General & Others Why did Naruto become so Uncool

Naruto part 1 was really good imo , After One Piece I would put that 2nd On My List specifically talking about season 1 only, The story Seemed very diverse and the Characters were actually Pretty Cool , Still Remember myself being in awe of That Rock Lee Vs Gaara fight (Think that was where i seriously got into Naruto) , After Natuto Part 1 it all came Downhill for me, Naruto P2 seemed Pretty enjoyable at the Beginning but soon i started To lose interest due to the repetitive story and widely exaggerated flashbacks which kept on prolonging the story.So yeah overall Natuto is Still my Top 10 but I wouldn't wanna rewatch it, Damn the time when we used to Think Orochimaru was the strongest guy out there :gokulaugh:
Props To all The Naruto Fans :cheers:
I will try to write that with French then Japanese standards. Then with my standards. Part 1 then Part 2.

Naruto Part 1.

12 years old is like 5eme in my country.

French :

> His rebellious attitude is a plus.
> His bad grades mostly includes him with others people.

> He is childish. Too childish. Like 2 years late for his age in attitude.
> He is not popular with girls in Naruto, maybe his physique is not that good.
He is not tall, not strongly built or with a body developing precociously. I would say he looks okay though.
> He is really dumb. Not just because a lack of work.

He is mosly uncool. He hang out with "dumb" people, not "bad grades people" like Kiba or Shikamaru, but real "dumb".

His energy, positivity and assurance against authority allows him to hang oit with sports people sometimes even if they mock him for being the "stupid one".

Japanese :

> Rebellious seems to be okay in Japan.
> Bad grades because of plain stupidity is really not as accepted as in France.

He probably hang out with the delinquant kids but not as a popular one.

Mine :

> Naruto is too loud and too childish.
> He seems agressive at first.
> I know he has no parents, lot of difficulty in school.
> He don't like me much. I have very good grades. I am hard to understand.
I put distance. He think I despise him, I look down on him. I reassure him. I like his spontaneousness and approve his rebelliousness. He is rebellious for laugh and kind of respect his teachers. I do not. I hate my teachers. But I am gentle with him. We will not hang out together but our relationship will be okay.
> I know he compensate all his misery with blunt assertiveness and confrontation. I really respect that.

He is okay to me.

Naruto Part 2.

French :

> He is admirable. He surmonted difficulties with sheer will power, helpfulness and empathy.
> Everyone like him
> He is okay childish.
> Okay, tall, looks kind of good, fit.
> Girls like him, he has choices.

He is popular without a doubt. He will end up "big brother" specialised educator, helping kids with difficulties. And one day boss of the institution were he works. ( Not high diplomas, he will retry diplomas around 32 years old, will not be rich but who cares ? He is a very good person. )

Japanese :

> Gentle, popular, good at sport, probably captain of some club.
> Still bad grades, will not be accepted in some kind of prestigious school.

Popular among the not career driven.

Mine :

> I admire his success.
> I know we will not be that much of friends : we can't relate at all, he has plenty of friends anyway.

I like him.

In Naruto world part 1 :

> He is uncool.

Hinata likes him because of his promoted self confidence and he is a good guy.

Konohamaru and Iruka relates with him very much.