Character Discussion Why I no longer like Dracule Mihawk.

How do you feel about Mihawk?

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Mihawk is inconsistent as a charactsr. One moment he's all gleeful about being chased again, but yet the next time we see him he joined Cross Guild for peace. Like what the hell happened? Why did he do a 180° all of the sudden? Are you for that smoke or are you a pussy that can't stand the heat!? CHOOSE YOU FUCKER!!

And dude wants to parade Buggy as a captain, and yet bullies him for having his head as the nautical figurehead. Like wtf did he go full psycho and beat the shit out of Buggy? Isn't he the captain?! Why do you care how the ship looks?

And one thing I have a huge problem with is the possibility that he may actually get inspired by Buggy the Clown. Buggy hasn't done shit to receive such respect. He's an overdone gag that's long past its due date. He has no balls of his own and only found them by taking Mihawk and Crocodile's. If Mihawk gets inspired by a fucking fraud, then he will never, ever live that shit down.
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Never really liked him much.

But i will say one thing on this topic instead of sitting in background at some island actively engaged in the story is far better.
One-piece story might be near it's end so it's important Mihawk gets a chance to get flashed out but that doesn't necessarily mean it'd good part only. Some fans like it some won't but as fans i can only imagine you'd want him highlight.
I was never a massive Mihawk fan, I liked him as a satellite to Zoro.

Cross Guild Mihawk is to me the most interesting thing that’s ever been done with him. The OP story had moved well beyond him just chilling around as a Warlord waiting for Zoro. Folks here will know that I didn’t even especially care if Zoro ever fought him for WSS, I was happy for Shiryu to kill him and take the role.

Cross Guild gives me a reason to care about their fight again, it gives Mihawk more characters to interact with and it looks like it’ll be an all round expansion on his character. I don’t really care at all that Croc does the planning and Buggy gets the spotlight. Mihawk is still the main draw, and Oda let us know that with the bounties. When the time comes for Cross Guild to fight- which they haven’t done yet- Mihawk will take centre stage.
even Admirals have pause about fighting Kaido, so why are they not at all scared of Mihawk? It's a bad look.
Kaido was caught and sentenced multiple times before forming Beasts Pirates which is worse than Mihawk who literally hunted marines for a hobby until they gave him a warlord title so he could stop hunting them.

The difference is he has an army who is capable of fighting the marines without his help. 3 commanders, Tobi Roppo and Shinuchi who have their own division consisting of hundred fodders and affiliates/allies (Doffy and Big Mum etc). Even Whitebeard told Ace not to confront him.

What does Mihawk have? It’s common sense to avoid confrontation when he’s surrounded by clowns.
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i like him less now, yes. it's obvious now that he's one of those losers who gets angry and violent when you tell him the truth he doesn't like to hear.

i used to like him but the way he treats buggy just makes him look pathetic, helpless and petty
the thread is nothing about strength but character
A lot of insecurity when it comes to Posthawk
Xione didn't mention powerlevel once in his post lol

All you see is 'you'll regret this' blah blah. Like yeah he's a top tier who'll have great feats like anyone else, but he's not the character his fans expect him to be. But yeah regardless of powerlevel his character was handled poorly.
the thread is nothing about strength but character
Well you're right I didn't fully read it....but in what respect to his character nothing indicates he is been handled bad he just want to live a peaceful life that doesn't make him a bad character and the CG is the best thing that could happened to him better than the joining Shanks theories and i love how oda is handeling him like a villain with crocodile partnernship he is not croco underling but with utopia nation he can still have his peaceful life
I’m more interested than I’ve been before I love the crossguild development. Before Mihawk was sitting around doing nothing while we had no info on how he attained his status as WSS, the most impressive thing we knew was him rivaling Shanks before they hit their peaks. In retrospect Marineford is really annoying in terms of Mihawk because of him constantly getting halted by yc caliber folk but then he’s never presented w a situation to dominate or overwhelm them like the admirals did, even the iceberg feat isn’t the most impressive thing these days. What makes things worse is when Shanks who is supposed to be seen as beneath him to some degree is always portrayed as like such an untouchable figure while Mihawk never gave off the same aura because Oda never has him doing anything or he gives people fuel to question him. Only so long can I talk about his personality or him not trying or other swordsmen’s showing boost him in which these statements are true but why can’t we see something special from him, are we really just going to wait until Zoro fights him to see his overwhelming strength? It’s hard to even be excited for that. Now in the Crossguild era at least we finally get a really nice bounty, we learn he used to hunt marines as a lone wolf and we will learn more eventually, but finally something. Crossguild forces the character to actually be involved in the plot now he is in the pirate king race so now him and Zoro actually have a reason to be rivals and if paths are crossed they will finally have their setup to fight each other again outside of some weird scenario where it’s the final fight of the series or Mihawk somehow ends up being a villain in the final war none of that made sense. Crossguild is like being apart of the warlords, and they for sure will recruit more, but just higher status and freedom from the WG and he isn’t forced to soak up the spotlight like he wants it. This faction also enhances Croc and Buggy’s characters but this isn’t about that rn. All that I need to see now is some updated feats and preferably a good fight/ clash to make the guy feel unquestionably wss before Zoro faces him and also more backstory but that will all come in due time. Crossguild reinvigorated my interest in the character.