Anime & Manga Will Mihawk postpone his match against Zoro ?

What will Mihawk do

  • He will postpone

    Votes: 11 78.6%
  • He will postpone

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Believe it or not, thats a pretty well received result outside of this forum lmao
That is not true. Everyone believes the literal minimum of Zoro’s potential is Rayleigh. And Rayleigh is definitely above YC3

most people in the casual fan base don’t think too much about how strong mihawk is but they definitely know EoS Zoro can’t be weaker than OLD RAYLEIGH and OLD RAYLEIGH was spurring on screen with admirals.

If someone believes EoS Zoro can be YC3, they are intentionally looking for that... A Casual fan CANNOT actually believe that


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@Chrono Can I propose a challenge to You?

Make a thread about Sanji’s dream. Just that. Make a thread sharing a unique interesting personal take on Sanji’s dream.

if you can manage that, you will win... my respect... for one hour
Imagine thinking I care about your respect.

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I really wonder which lvl of Zoro....Mihawk would be willing to fight:choppawhat:

Dressrosa Zoro is close to Pre Timeskip Luffy id say. So probably that Zoro. But after the Enma Power-up Zoro is too much for Mihawk to handle tbh.