Theory Will Momo turn into a Dragon in front of Kaido ?

Will Momo either release Conqueror Haki or turn into a dragon in front of Kaido?

  • He will turn into Dragon Momo

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • He will release conquerors Haki

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • He will do both

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • He won't do anything

    Votes: 5 27.8%

  • Total voters
Hey guys
This is my first thread here I don't know if there's already a similar one.

With Kaido , King , Queen and Jack standing there , nothing less than 8 billions berrys overall plus Orochi Orochi and Fukurokuju, I feel like Momonosuke's back is against the wall and he will do something worthy (Turn into dragon or release conqueror Haki) before the Scabbards come through and Toki's prophecy comes alive. I lean more with him turning to a Dragon as Last chapter we saw that Kaido's daughter was an Oden fangirl , and ironically Oden's son can turn to dragon like Kaido , as we are right in the animal kingdom, it would create a massive diversion , make Orochi more paranoid , make Kaido and beast pirates probably drop theirs guards for a moment.
What are your thoughts?
i imagine if momo turns into a dragon kaido will have flashback scene like big mom
No because then he would escape from the crucifixion himself and realise that training bamboo sword drills wasn't the best course of action when you still don't have rudimentary control over your mythical zoan. :milaugh:
Lolz true enough.. but I forgot to mention Momo still has VOAT and just like he did with Zunesha maybe he could mess up all those smiles minds :smithnie:

Should have added the VOAT option in the poll.
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Agree with everything except Conqueror Haki:kayneshrug:Momo might turn into a dragon and free himself from crucifixion:milaugh:
Lolz Conqueror Haki is still possible...VOAT , but Pink Dragon Momo would be funny :vistalaugh:
If he unlocks CoC in the middle of this execution, there will be absolutely no need for his dragon form. He’ll probably slip into it at a crucial moment, likely facilitating his escape from what binds him, but that would be a much less intense reveal.
Me too I don't see him do both... I just feel like Kaido doesn't seem so impressed by Conqueror Haki but he wants every zoans in his squad , as Momo is a dragon, I'm curious too see how he would react to that.
If he does and get away safety bruh that make kaido and the Calamities look so bad lol
I don't think he will get away like that but just gain Kaido and Co's attention, and make em drop theirs guards before Scabbards get in the performance floor
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if some one assume momo don't have CoC ... they are need for all types of doctors

the only question is when
Let them keep ignoring the legitimate shogun
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