Announcement Worstgen second anniversary year

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Hello everyone,

in few days we will celebrate the 2nd year of activity of the Worstgen forum. :shocking:

We decided though that as a surprise, we could a little present ahead of time. Like some of you already noticed, they have been attributed different tags, but they may not know about how their order, so i'd explain it a bit below

- Luffy tag

All newcomers or users with the lowest amount of posts / trophy points in the forum have this tag

This is the part however where it becomes interesting, because after the Luffy tag, i decided to seperate the growth in tags into 3 categories(Shichibukai, Yonko, Marine). The tag seperation was made randomly, or rather depending on your joining date

As for how exactly you receive tags depending on your category, i think you may already know, but i'd just leave it up to you to imagine lol

The mod tags were attributed randomly lol

Either way, this should last for about a month, the time to properly celebrate our secondarily year as a forum, so enjoy :cheers:

As for the tags themselves, i'd like to give a special thanks to @Dragomir , with the entire staff also helping with suggestions and the like to make our forum grow even better and better.

Wishing you a great time in the year(s) to come.

-- The Worstgen Staff
Damn I still remember when OJ was closing down and you were thinking about starting your own forum, then all of us getting banned cos they felt betrayed lmfaoo - time really does fly when you're shitposting :catsweat:

Fr though you did a great job with this place 🔥🔥
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