Theory Yamato : a possible connection to ace? The big announcement?


Huge Connection to Ace and Shanks!!

Yamato is the son the King of beasts Kaido he seems to be a rebellious son unlike Katakuri when it comes to Kaido as Kaido had to tell all of the Flying 6 to find him and bring him back to onigashima for a chance to battle one of the all stars for their position which Black Maria responded by saying that it will be " Difficult task to do "
I wouldn't expect any less from the son of a yonko as Katakuri and Weevil are known for the their monsterous strength and durability

I believe it's to just disobey Kaido and find a way to ruin the Festival or that might be what Kaido thinks

I think that aces visit to Wano will play a bigger role in the current storyline involving Yamato because ace could have become close friends with Yamato and possibly bonded over
Hating their Fathers
It's very likely that Yamato Hates Kaido for the same reason ace hated roger as a lot of people would consider Yamato as a target because of kaido as Kaido is known for his dangerous murderous
side where one of his most famous stories was where

he murdered moriahs entire crew only leaving him alive causing him to become insane and create a
entire army of zombies so they never die

He is also known for breaking people's spirits

Yamato could be someone who stands
against violence and idolised someone like shanks or Whitebeard possibly why Kaido called him
" My Idiot Son "
for idolising his Rival and going against what he stands for that's also the meaning of name Yamato
peace and harmony


What really happened between Kaido and shanks how did shanks know how to find Kaido why didn't they have an all out fight?

like I said before
Yamato and Ace could have been Friends in that case why didn't he show up at Marineford


I believe that Yamato was stopped by Kaido and they had an all out fight were he possibly held back Kaido long enough for shanks to be ready to stop Kaido at sea in this case Kaido would not be at his full strength to Fight Shanks and then go Fight Whitebeard while handling the Marines and The Warlords Kaido could have decided to let whitebeard die in battle

Yamato would have lost this fight but did his part by relaying a message to Shanks and holding his father back till shanks was ready !!

This makes sense when you think about how Kaido prefers to fly in his Dragon form and is faster than a ship so after shanks Recieved the message he would need some time to prepare and intercept kaido when hes on his way to marineford


It's possible he could have been present at the funeral or visited afterwards like sabo
to make a promise to Take down Kaido and free Wano it's possible that he deeply regrets not being able to save ace and blames Kaido for stopping him from doing so


He could be waiting for a chance to take Kaido down and possibly feeds intel to shanks

Like I said if Yamato is Someone who is going against Kaido his only ally right now is Shanks and shanks goal is to stop wars from breaking out while Kaido wants to start the biggest one ever to man
This could explain
His sudden dissapearences where even Kaido can't track him and he could possibly having a conversation right now with shanks about the alliance and the fire festival


ok I won't go into detail about this if this is true I'm 100% positive that he would ally himself with Luffy he could be someone who is waiting to meet Luffy like Jinbei due to ace and he would be the key knowing kaidos weakness if he has one

I think this is just another Wedding where big mom proposed that Kaidos Son marries one of her daughter

I do have a prediction

I think it's Charlotte Smoothie
She's Big moms strongest Daughter as she is her 2nd sweet commander who holds a bounty of 932,000,000B there's less than a 70M difference between her bounty and her older brother Charlotte Katakuris which makes her almost as dangerous as him and Kaido would want his daughter in law to be her over others had he values strength
This could be why she didn't have a role in the Whole Cake Island Arc and Showed up with big mom to Wano

That's it