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Good design, and there’s potential for a good character (even though as others have already said, Wano is overcrowded with characters as it is), but currently is getting more and more annoying the longer she keeps fangirling over Oden (and taking it to a whole other level than anyone else). Might be off topic, but Oda needs to stop having everyone constantly praising Oden.
I think people themselves are being hasty and whine way to much. I like her so far but even I'm not an apologist or whatever to excuse everything but I look for possible reasons as to why she is the way she is. Which again people aren't taking into consideration and just jump on the hate train. I may not understand how you guys operate but sometimes I just want to tell you to stfu.
Yamato's character isn't how I wanted it to go myself but I'm still waiting to see through her character arc, which imo is more different than normal.
I think she is an interesting character, but the more times pass, the less likely she is to join the crew, because she seems to act in a way antithetic to being a SH. However she can still changes for the best.

However, I'm starting to think that she's here to show how Wano under Momo changes, because unlike Orochi and Kanjuro, she won't be harrassed for her lineage or something like that.
her being not that strong equal-> her weaker than zo and san -> her joining the crew

but the only thing sitting between her and joining the strawhat for real is whether she developed out of the oden persona.
but lets not kid ourself, its basically writings on the wall at this point. Its just a matter of time
Shitty uninspired character with no purpose. The only good reason I can see for Oda to have introduced her is so he can wank Oden even after his death. The only way she would join the crew is so the SH's can access Oden's journal, which would literally be more beneficial to the crew that Yamato herself.
Exactly this
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So basically all you have to say is subjective. :suresure:
What do you mean lol