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My thoughts on Yamato have been stated clearly, often, and loudly. Regardless of what the lowest common denominator thinks, she’s the next and likely final Straw Hat. You don’t have to like it, but Oda isn’t a subtle writer anymore, so this is happening. For those of you not on board, just be grateful she wasn’t in the first 975 chapters of the series and stop bitching. I’m sorry, but it needed to be said :luuh:
If luffy is using nickname its less likely she might join.
I like the character, based on the translation it was kinda odd but I think this is just a phase and she will get a wake up call soon...most likely from Momo thinking she is disrespecting Oden's name.

Luffy already called her out a few chapters ago saying she can't be "Oden". She needs to learn that she can take inspiration from Oden but she doesn't need to be exactly like Oden.
We are learning more about her character every time she is on screen now. And it won't be surprising to see her joining the crew given how oda has already set it up such that she knows about everyone too, which could be a way to increase chemistry between the crew without having to do much introduction. Though I still have this thought that maybe her character will end(not sure how) in Wano arc. I don't mean she will stay in Wano but end her story itself. This is due to oda introducing her so late in the arc(well not like the ones which were introduced earlier became interesting/important anyway...except Tama). So either oda has some plans or he is planning to end her story after the war itself.


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I'm still largely open minded. There's still so much we don't know about them. Something in their past must've caused them to become so enamored with Oden. Because it's one thing to admire Oden, it's another to assume his identity. Why did they want to assume his identity, why did it take until now for them to realize Kaido was a horrible parent? Their relationship with Ace. I just can't get a read on a character I barely know.
I don’t mind her as an arc only character but if she joins the crew I just hope she drops the I am Oden thing because it’s annoying and not funny at all; plus it’s weird because she didn’t even know Oden at all as far as we know...
We've seen 4 female characters that aren't without merit in Wano: Shinobu, Otama, Otoko, and Hiyori. So far, Yamato hasn't broken this streak yet.

On a half related-half unrelated note, and I never thought that I would say this, from the storyline viewpoint, I believe introducing her this late into the post-TS is maybe second gravest mistake Oda had done in the series. Because there was so much unfulfilled potential that will remain a dream now.