You reminded me of OroJackson so...

Most of us are here becouse of OJ... I loved trolling in mangafox OP threads too... I forgot when it died...
lmfao Mangafox had strict moderators though. There was this one moderator named Srylanna who didn't let anyone troll. And mangafox got shut down around the end of WCI arc. I liked MangaFox, it had good people there even though I annoyed them on how bad I bitched about WCI arc.
I decided to come here...

Hi all! I'm Okamakama. I was a former poster on OroJackson and I recently came across WG and I felt like I had to get involved like I did back then.

Hoping to meet some nice people! :)

- Okamakama
I remember you. Good to see some OG Orojackson peeps around. Welcome back