Zoro and Ace vs King and Doffy

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Bird boys wins this.

Zoro will maybe beat King after a power up or after completely mastering Enma but for now he looses high diff/low high diff.

And I think that Doffy and Ace were same level. Or Doffy really extreme diff.

It means the team two wins this.
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Current Zoro at full power? He would Kaku them effortlessly

DR Zoro restricted? He would lose to them singularly

This is why the Grandmaster is underestimated


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Team Archosaur wins. No reason to think Zoro has an easy time beating Doflamingo, whereas I'm pretty confident in King mid to even low diffing Ace. The speed / strength of an ancient zoan firstmate should be devastating. He already had Smoothie helpless, someone who should be about on Ace's level. While the situation there is a little different, it's telling nonetheless that the Big Mom pirates regarded themselves as without an option when they should have someone as King's peer with them.

So probably Mid Diff for the good characters.


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Lmfao, tbh Doffy can go make a Snow Angel in this matchup. King deadass solos Ace and Zoro. Luffy is stronger than both of them, and Katakuri(King’s peer) treated that man like a child. Tho in fairness, Katakuri can see tha future which is an insane boon to have in a fight(especially against multiple opponents). But King supplements that with his Zoan abilities which should be wild

Or worse comes to Worse. King rushes them, and creates an opening for Doffy to Parasite and effectively end tha fight
Doffy solos tbh. His Black knight stalls Zoro while he makes a quick work out of Ace.

If somehow things goes south for Doffy, his awakening is more than enough to handle both of them, as His strings are durable to slice through meteors, Ace’s basic attacks won’t be a threat.
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