Theory Zoro is the one who's going to kill Kaido.

This won't happen for the simple reason that Luffy is the main character and hence he will defeat kaido. Zoro will get amazing moments throughout wano, but Oda will never make zoro steal Luffy's thunder. To the dismay of zoro fans, it is undeniable that Luffy is a far more important character and that Oda favors Luffy far more than he does zoro.

If you don't think that Luffy will defeat Kaido then you haven't been reading the past 980 chapters of one piece. If Kaido is to be killed, it will be after Luffy has defeated him. In that someone will come up to an already injured and defeated kaido, and end his life.

now kaido is a villain and all, but I doubt Oda would ever have Zoro end the life of a person who has already been defeated. Killing a defenseless person who has already been defeated is an immoral act and hence the only person who I think will kill Kaido will be blackbeard.

while there are some foreshadowings that suggest that Kaido will fight a dragon in wano, all of those could point to Zoro beating King, who is a user of a model of the dragon dragon fruit, or zoro simply fighting and possibly injuring kaido.

There is nothing that suggests that Zoro would actually defeat kaido, who is the main antagonist of a major arc.

Toki's Prophecy:

Dawn = Zoro = Tiger

Because of 2 things, his name (with 2 r's so, Zorro) means hero of the golden dawn in Slavic - and the kimono he wears in Wano is the symbol of dawn -

Moon = scabbards -
Look at the symbol on their kimono
“You are the moon (Kozuki clan supporters, unaware of the dawn (Zoro).
And Cast 9 shadows (9 samurai) on the night woven of 20 years.
And you shall know the brilliance of dawn (Zoro)”
The hour of the tiger is at 5am -
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More Evidence:

“perhaps a strong samurai who can be called the second Ryuma has already been born.” - One Piece Magazine Volume 6

Hmm, I wonder who that could be.

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