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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    New character designs for season 4
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    this is one of those anime that would´ve been much better had it only been 12 episodes

    this is one of those anime that would´ve been much better had it only been 12 episodes
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    Hypothetical scenario.

    A collaboration between Renpa, Riboku & Shibashou would be catastrophic towards Qin. Especially given the fact that Renpa and Riboku have already fought against Ousen and Kanki before and would know more about their methods of warfare, and hence their shortcomings. Not to mention that Renpa...
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    Kingdom General Discussion

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    Kingdom General Discussion

    I always felt like Keisha was killed off a bit too early, for someone who was a candidate for the final seat of The Three Great Heavens it just felt like his performance was a bit disappointing. Compare his defeat to other generals like Rinko, Gyou'Un, Chougaryuu, those generals were also put up...
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    What is the best special unit ?

    I always liked the black cavalry corps the most. Also Kanki's Zenou Clan if that one counts
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    At this point it feels like Hara is writing love stories instead of focusing on war. Ofcourse Kingdom has always had certain elements of that but in the last couple of years it's become a bit too much in my eyes.
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    Kingdom General Discussion

    Kingdom without context :milaugh:
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    Versus Battle Gai Mou vs Rozo

    Gai Mou, a great general from Wei and one the Seven Fire Dragons. VS Rozo, king of the Quanrong tribe of Zhao They seem comparable to me. both are around Mou Bu's size, maybe bigger, both fight with a glaive and both are usually on horseback. @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @Blackbeard @Owl Ki...
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    Versus Battle Renpa (and H4) vs Zhao Second bests (with feats)

    Kisui has not been utilized by Hara as much. Being on a stalemate with Mouten, made Mouten's development impressive, but dragged Kisui's character down by a lot. I am just thinking if Mouten can boost morale of men not even his own, and place the battle in a stalemate -- Kisui should have been...
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Ousen bringing out his map can only mean bad news for Zhao :christnally:
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    I remember in 1010 when luffy got ACoC the amount of hate Luffy got for 'plot armour'. I wonder if those same people gonna keep that same energy with this chapter. :gokulaugh: On a side-note, this chapter was really fire though, going to be insane when it gets animated.