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    Here are some I like, some fan art and videos
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    Chapter Discussion Kingdom - Chapter 686: Kanki's Objective

    Raido's death will probably drive Kanki crazy.
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    Your Top Ten Favorite Kingdom Characters

    Not necessarily my most favourite but Earl Shi was so awesome, everything from his fighting style to his backstory until his battle with Ouhon.
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    Character Discussion Admiral GreenBull/Ryokugyu : Predictions

    Admiral Greenbull is arguably one of the most anticipated characters in the series next to Dr. Vegapunk. Doflamingo referred to Greenbull and Fujitora as “beasts”. After seeing Fujitora, I tend to believe that Greenbull will be along the lines of Akainu. Kizaru is the only member of the former...
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    Kingdom - Chapter 685: Hour of Reckoning

    Big Shaq has entered Kingdom.
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    Your Favourite Fruit is?!

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    China's Top-10 All Time Generals

    Ousen intentionally placed the HSU in the right wing expecting them to awaken and become the ''key'' towards their pincer which he devised at the start, hence why Ousen ordered them towards the right battlefield after Riboku sent Gyou'un towards their left. As for the Qin having superiour...
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    China's Top-10 All Time Generals

    One thing that people who tend to incline towards Riboku like to point out is the fact that he's fighting an uphill battle against his own state/monarchy. While this is indeed true what is often overlooked is that there are also instances where Zhoa had an advantage against Qin. During the...
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    Kingdom - Chapter 684: Surprise Attack

    This Zhoa general reminds me a bit of Gulpin
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    Once again a pleasure to meet you all

    Welcome buddy.
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    General & Others Wano isn't ending until late 2023 - early 2024 (manga)

    OP is ending in 4 years right :gokulaugh:
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    Kingdom General Discussion