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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers Discussion

    Sanjis Kick >>> Queens Head butt Zoros Kolor Kings Konqueror haki >> Kings zoro > Doffy ??? Chuuji >>>> Shanks , Dont even argue CP0 >> ?? which strawhats
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Discussion

    Yamato is strong imagine her joining the Crew Crazyyyy
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers Discussion

    Katakuri and Ben beckman the only Yonko commanders I respect at the moment, gotta luv seeing Curly brows and Marimo teaming up again, although I wanna see full on feats after this chapter going forward from these two #momogrowingoldisdumb
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    Powers & Abilities Roger could not turn his Supreme Grade Sword into a Black Blade even Though he Loved his sword .......

    :myman:The Haki left the blade into his sperm and transferred to Ace. maybe he never had the sword for too Long Zoro touches it and it’ll become black blade
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    Questions & Mysteries Straw hats found no Fruit in their travels???? wtf?

    DF are Rare it’s only cause us as the viewers see it all the time it feels quite common to us but to the average pirate crew it’s basically impossible. Also the SH (not so average crew) don’t go out looking for them although I’m sure in the future they will come across one
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    Questions & Mysteries Why didn't Franky nuked the island?

    Luffy wouldn’t want an Easy Win
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    Questions & Mysteries Black market item price

    Some of these are priceless and hard to say how much exactly it’s worth and to who it’s worth more to, so these devil fruit guesses are the fruit on its own not the bounty of getting the fruit/ but these are my guesses: Gura Gura - 4 Bil (worlds strongest man DF) Yami Yami - (3-4) Bil (unknown...
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    Powers & Abilities Vivre Card Pack New Bounty Reveal.

    My guess is Marco will be in that upper bracket around 1.4Bil. Oda showed us hold off two Yonko commanders
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    Speculations Will Zoro open his left eye at Wano?

    He closes the other eye and becomes Fujitora
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    Future Events Zoro's immediate future

    zoro wakes back up with Kings Haki, Onigashima Arc Ends
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    Break Week Which is the most hax: Enma or gomu gomu no mi?

    i dont see a Enma Going gear 4.... i dont see gommu gommu being handed over after a one night stand
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    Break Week What will say Zoro: I'm gonna fight against Kaido or King

    King. only cause he knows Luffy will want to fight and finish Kaido off, in respect to his captain he won’t go for Kaido anymore.