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    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Meme Cup

    Poland played like shit today to make France overconfident, during the next match France will have their guard down and Poland will use that opportunity to win the game, Michniewicz is the modern day Clausewitz, literally 500 iq moves
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    One Piece Chapter 1057: Final Curtain

    3 good things about this chapter: Yamato is still in wano the worst arc of one piece is over one piece is readable again
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    Memes in case WW3 starts

    ww3 won't happen, even if Putin takes over kiev the west would do nothing but criticize and punish
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    General Football thread

    can someone answer me why westerners are so obsessed with lgbt? Why do they act like this sport used to condemn lgbt? Why did they bring politics into it?
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    A generation of weak men

    About covid, it may be exaggerated but it is a disease that we should avoid. Having seen your topics about study and finance, I think the best thing we can do is train ourselves and be a model man instead of being social justice warrior. Western society is clearly in decline, but we can still...
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    One Piece Chapter 1016 – This Is Otama

    onigashima has had enough bad chapters and he still surprises the community by making an even worse chapter. Of course wano also has good chapters but the number of bad chapters is clearly more
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    General Football thread

    Croatia or England?:choppawhat:
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    The baiting Room

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    One Piece Chapter 1016 – This Is Otama

    I still don't believe yamato will join, I feel like oda designed her not too special (too much like nami) to be a member of sh, the way she was introduced was too rushed. Hope she dies soon
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    Capitalism vs Communism

    lots of social justice warriors here:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
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    Capitalism vs Communism

    It's funny how those who live happily on the free market criticize capitalism. Modern China is not a communist country, I think it's more like a Nazi country. Regarding Marxism, I can only say, the communists don't love the poor, they just hate the rich
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    What's your job/profession?

    I will graduate from college in November this year
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    Rules Berserk General Dicussion

    I hope Miura's associates know