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    Ok mais t ki

    Ok mais t ki
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    Chrollo vs Ging

    If Maha was superior he would've kill Netero which isn't the case cause Zeno states that Maha killed everyone one he fought in his career. At best you can say they were equal but that's all, Zeno's statement is hype for both of them but no way the statement put Netero below Maha.
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    Chrollo vs Ging

    That just proves Maha was unable to kill Netero since no one lived after a fight against Maha according to Zeno.
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    Chrollo vs Ging

    Nothing suggest that Netero lost to him. Maha failed to kill him which means he couldn't kill him and either Netero beat him or they were equal.
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    Chrollo vs Ging

    Netero said himself he wanted to face the strongest opponent when he fought Meruem. There is no human who could face Netero in HxH outside adult Gon let alone 5, it wouldn't make sense cause Netero would have fight them. Zodiacs are just his favorites partners to spare with them, he didn't...
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    Chrollo vs Ging

    Headcanon, actually top 5 nen users are weaker than Netero since he researches the ultimate fighter to give him the greatest fight of life, Netero is clearly above any human in HxH and he isn't on par with RGs let alone Meruem in terms of aura. Meruem rapes any human not named Netero and it's...
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    Chrollo vs Ging

    I would say Ging is slightly above Chrollo overall cause he has better portrayal, currently he is top 5 nen users according to Netero and that's mad hype to him. Chrollo on the other hand is portrayed as relative to Silva and Zeno during YSC, Double face puts him above them even if they are...
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    Rate those guys : Hisoka is a 100

    Razor - 99 Bisky - 98 Kite - 95 Silva - 107 Zeno - 107 Morel - 105 Knuckle - 90 Uvogin - 85 Phinks - 89 Feitan - 89 Chrollo - 110 Ging : 112 Botobai : 114 Beyond : 115 Old Netero : 180 Royal guards : 200 Meruem : at least 300
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    Powers & Abilities Top 10 Strongest Generals in Qin.

    I would say Strongest physically = 1- Moubu 2- Shin 3- Duke Hyou 4- Tou 5- Yo Tan Wa 6- Ouhon 7- Akou 8- Ousen 9- Kanki 10- Aisen Strongest overall = 1- Ousen 2- Kanki 3- Duke Hyou 4- Moubu 5- Yo Tan Wa 6- Tou 7- Shin 8- Ouhon 9- Mouten 10- Akou
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    Aussi puissant que. Pour moi ça veut dire supérieur mais bon.

    Aussi puissant que. Pour moi ça veut dire supérieur mais bon.
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    What do you think about "Ace is on par with Aokiji cause fire can negate ice" ?

    What do you think about "Ace is on par with Aokiji cause fire can negate ice" ?
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    What do you think about "Elbaf community" from Twitter ?

    What do you think about "Elbaf community" from Twitter ?
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    Versus Battle Moubu vs Kyou Kai

    Kyou Kai will dominate Moubu but once he catches Kyou Kai like Houken did then it will be over.
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    Powers & Abilities What is Shin's Peak as a General?

    Shin will slightly surpass Riboku, Renpa and Ouki obviously, I can see him view as the greatest general of his era and the most successful general for the unification but that's all, he will not be on Hakuki's level or Gakuki's level.
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    The Coalition War With Some Changes

    Juuko's generals are too much here. Shouheikun would have made a different strategy against the coalition. Moubu would have not really involved due to Ouki being alive, I can see SHK sending Ouki to Kanmei and Moubu to Juuko's generals. I can see Ouki being victorious against Kanmei but he...