[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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Agreed, feels like she is trying to blend in and then made a post about wanting to read/know what neeko and chevy are talking about which feels forced.
She seems to be unusually friendly in her early posts, which does not give me great vibe. On the other hand, she was scum in Aries' and Blue's recent games and I do not remember her posting in that way then.

Charlie seems a bit nervous and focused on flavour, I caught him as scum once or twice when he did it.
That was my bad, i noticed that I misspelled your name after I made the post and couldn't edit it.

Your reaction has been interesting though, I don't think I showed any rudeness toward you at all. Did I hit the bingo with you?
Its considered rude to misspell someones name on purpose especially when its written on a screen, I overreacted a bit maybe but Ive just had a very frustrating round of War Thunder. If you say it was a mistake then alls good.


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i am occupied at work rn. will be back later

just want to make sure my presence is known so scum can tremble in fear constantly

cant let them have their peace now, can i
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