[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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not a big fan of the early self-awareness. a townie doesnt care more or less for town points and you pointing this out clearly indicates you are atleast *subconsciously* aware of your own posts

i mean the post itself said RVS which I assume to mean random voting. i appreciate you entering into the thread without fluffing, i just find it interesting that this is the one post that piques your attention from the other posts up to page 3ish. unless you are required to - as per your role - to reply and question votes, then thats a different thing.

personally not a fan of this post. let the man speculate as he want. there is 0 harm to some flavor discussion. its barely page 3. we are not interested in seeing this fake contribution attempt, ratchy
I don't have a problem with this post actually.

The town points stuff was obvious trolling. I actually hate when people do what I did myself but I think it's very important when a game is a new concept somewhere and mistakes can be made to get my post in right away. Saves the "oh I didn't know" bullshit later when people *accidently hammer*

I wouldn't usually like someone sussing me for this which is why I pointed it out.

The fact you've added another layer to the read and discussed my subconscious as something that would be more likely to bother me as scum is good though. I feel this is genuine scum hunting on your part.
@SoulKiller not sure why you disbelieve my newness although I appreciate the credit to my game ability you've stated and implied with that.

As I've said before I'm reasonably fresh to the game and not really sure how you're expecting me to react. One vote might not be dangerous on its own but iirc it was the first vote and the misread of my reference to the wotlk game got my back up.

I only referenced it to provide the context of its been done before recently it could happen again. A throwaway question that wasn't entirely meant to be serious as the Post about the secret chat seemed an obvious joke to me.

How can I be of service to the town and convince you I am not a bad dude?
How about you find scum for us?

Focusing on defence makes you look scummy.

What are your town/scum reads for now?
another bad post

we dont need this nonsense in page 3

flavor speculate as u like boys

fk off with this weak sauce
I've seen flavor/setup spec lose as many games as its won if not more. The host has also said he has intentionally made it cheeseproof. There's no point clogging the thread with it, at all. If you're struggling for content I can see why this would be a problem for you.
Where do you place Ultra? Also how come both Ratchet and Pero are in your scum list cuz that would mean they are bussing each other.
About 50/50 on Ultra, he made some good points and is willing to discuss his thoughts.

On the other hand he seems to be jumping a lot with his susses.

Bussing exists+possibility of different factions (possible in 30+ players game) and hostile indies.
I’ll give you a short summary. He’s angle shooting me thinking that I knew that TAC is this Luther guy before joining the game and still I “elaborately shaded him” for tinfoiling me.
I'm skimming your more recent posts and having less of a problem with them.

I thought your entrance was fairly weak.

You then make a point that if Luther was an experienced player they would be bad. (Whether you knew or didn't that it was tac is whatever)

Turns out Luther is exp player and that was where your point ended, you didn't double down on the sus once you found out it was indeed an exp player. There was no townie progression

Kagu Nyan

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This is odd - pero hasn't expressed any particular suspicion on me here at all.
Well he’s disagreeing to your allegations. He thinks you pulled out something from your a** to discredit him and his tone seems genuinely irritated. He might not be suspecting you but clearly there is a conflict so that’s what I meant when I said it.
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