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And how am I if may ask? :choppawhat:

I mean, I'm okay with that - after all, I addressed you how you are, a fodder debater. But I'm sure this does not mean anything to you, amirite? :smithnie:

So your headcanon and fanfiction is worth for the trash can?
Hell, we have made some progresses here! Don't worry lil Edo, we'll get through your Doffy madness as well!

And King does not violently changes his internal structure when transforming into an animal? Care to explain that or it is worth for the trash bin as well?

King's physical strength cannot be compared to Bound Man when he transforms into his full zoan mode?
Based on what? Evidence?

Even Ulti managed to force Luffy by using his G4th when he saw her immense strength. King >>> Ulti.

If the Flying Six are able to pressure even Bound Man with their physical strength, you can bet your ass on King easily having Bound Man physical strength levels + swordsmanship lethality.
Before you wanna whine about that, remember that fact: Current G4th >> DR G4th in physical strength.

Thanks. :cheers:

It is my pleasure to enlighten delusional guys like you. :cheers:

Once again, based on what? Care to explain?



Kaido has the best durability because of his dragon scales in the series and yet again, WB can easily handle his durability with internal haki or some quake punches straight on his face.
Top tiers usually have very high durability, AP and speed which puts them far above high tiers - and even if there are top tiers being better in some stats or not, this does not make them better in general when it comes about powerlevels.

You, on the other hand, try to make a case out of Doflamingo having better AP, speed and DF versatility than a dude who is still absolutely featless - which is already faulty enough.
During the entire discussion, I've said that 1.) we do not know King's exact powerset to compare him with other high tiers and 2.) we can still use his portrayal as being one of the strongest high tiers in OP, mainly due to his high rank in the Beast Pirates.

Instead of disingenuously trying to nitpick Doflamingo's best feats over a featless character like King, you can start to admit the gap between their respective position. King~Katakuri is a save bet due to their respective positions within their crews whilst it is still Katakuri > Doflamingo.

Huh? Based on what?
Could you show me Shanks' Haki feats which are apparently better than Big Mom's?

Hell, we have seen Shanks' CoC and Big Mom's - and hers arguably shits on Shanks by a mile.

Big Mom's CoC:

Shanks' CoC:

And have we seen any legit CoA feats from Shanks as well? Care to provide your assertion with facts?
Have we seen any legit CoO feats from Shanks? And yes, I ask you to provide your assertion with facts. It's a very easy concept - just post the panels of Shanks' Haki being overwhelmingly better than Big Mom's. No headcanon and no fanfiction, okay?

If you are not able to do said thing, you are just assuming dumb shit based on your imagination. And we do not need your imagination here, it is simply irrelevant. :kayneshrug:

Read what I said again:
I was primarly talking about King's AP, durability and speed since Katakuri's Future Sight was not the only powerful thing about him.
He matched Snake Man blows for blows, deflected Bound Man's Kong Gun and he speedblitzed Snake Man with his Zangiri Mochi - all non Future Sight feats.

On the contrast, as an ancient zoan (YC1), King should be even more focused on pure strength than Katakuri who's more the evasive type - with lethal swordsmanship, King could produce devastating attacks.

And sure we can scale the bold parts on King as well, if not even better.
Katakuri's counterpart is an ancient zoan with a feat which even outclassed Marco's in the same arc. It is simply a logical assessment to assume that King could be stronger in physical strength or even CoA. It's nothing different than you claiming Shanks' Haki > Big Mom's although this is just as baseless as mine.

King and Katakuri being the strongest commanders of their respective Yonko crew is headcanon and fanfiction?
King being unrivaled within his position for ages against his rivals, a crew's hierarchy in which it only matters who's the strongest?
King having an ancient zoan granting him immeasurable power in physical strength, durability and endurance/stamina?
Dinosaur users being described as incredibly "tough" although they are only the counterparts of Big Mom's vets?

It's not rocket science to base your conclusion on King most likely having better physical strength stats than Katakuri.

1.) Already addressed it on my previous post
2.) Same as 1.)

I can't prove anything; King has to show feats, then we can talk.

Law easily blocked Doflamingo's Overheat with his non graded sword:

Law blocking Doflamingo's strings with his bare handed hardening:

Luffy straight up enduring Doflamingo's Overheat with minor injuries:

But if you are talking about Bound Man's durability, you obviously fail to realise why Doflamingo could not get past Bound Man's durability:

Of course King does not have rubber properties but he does not have to since King simply has to block Doflamingo's strings with his own Haki + sword. Swordsmen do not tank, they are blocking lethal attacks.

Well, see above lol.
If we are talking about dumpsters, we could easily conclude this one as well:
"Shanks is a Yonko like BM yet has better Haki."
"You don't go scaling King to all of Katakuri's feats, despite the two never having any interactions. "
"King is not as fast as Katakuri "

No, even better:


Schooling you is really easy.:funky:

And there is the next nonsense which belongs in the dumpster. :kayneshrug:

King was flipping a ship whilst blitzing a Yonko including a part of her crew.
Sure, cutting through some small meteors sure is more impressive than that lol.

Btw, Doflamingo's reacting when seeing the meteors:

Hey, you have not even told me that Doflamingo simply cut through a piece of the same meteor, lmao.

Here it is anyway:

"while not looking", what a nice joke, lol.

Yeah, if I was this butthurt about a character barely showing any feats shows a speed feat which easily outclasses Doffy's, I'd ignore that as well.

He used his birdcage to stall larger areas but these kind of strings are not meant for combat since Doflamingo simply cannot use the pure structure of these strings, that's what I meant.

It is?

Look at the area which the birdcage covered when cutting Fujitora's meteor:

And now look at Doflamingo's Off White (which is arguably thicker than the building sized Billow White btw):

And the maximum amount of his building sized strings:

How do you know that Doflamingo's Awakening can generate the same amount of durable structure to cut through such a big meteor with re entry speed?
And how do you know that the thicker strings could even stop such a force in the first place?

Burden of proof is on you to prove that Doflamingo's Awakening can stop those meteors even better although birdcage and Doffy's Awakening are two different things.

As I said, you have to prove that Doflamingo's Awakening would be enough to stop and cut through something big like that with ease.
Due to the birdcage being an island sized structure, it is also more efficient to cut larger objects whilst Doflamingo's Awakening may be more efficient to pin-point his opponents.

Bound Man shits on King in AP and physicals? :choppawhat:

Yo, what did I fail in the end? Care to explain or it is just your usual diarrhea? Lol.

Won't happen due to Zoan shapeshifting and butchering him? Just how he butchered through Law's bare handed hardening? Or when he easily cut through Law's sword with his Overheat? Or when he significantly hurt base Luffy with his Overheat? Shit, all of that nonsense did not even happen! :milaugh:

Did Brook and Jinbe speedblitzed a fully healthy Big Mom including a part of her crew (with Smoothie, Perospero and Daifuku being part of)?

Sorry mate but... it belongs in its place:

Come on, both Marco and King received comparable portrayal when tossing the same ship.

It is clear as day that King's physical stats are comparable to Marco who demonstrated a relativistic feat against Kizaru.

Another day, another fail of lil Edo.

Yeah, when his Captain died. Katakuri would be a Yonko candidate as well if Big Mom died. :lawsigh:

King is Kaido's strongest subordinate but he is a fodder by comparison? :choppawhat:

Just how Kaido's CoO was not good enough to sense them either. :rolaugh:

Thanks for agreeing with me. ;)

-Doflamingo's birdcage cut through Fujitora's meteor
-Dragon has no record

Edogawa - Doflamingo is stronger


I've simply said that I do not care about your feelings, are you butthurt, lil Edo?

Hey, hey, hey! Now let's not get insulting here!
I know that you are flustered since I've been babyshaking you throughout our entire discussion with logic and common sense but you still have to keep your cool, otherwise you would end up like flustered Katakuri being punched from Bound Man left and right.

And now try it again, without using hypocritical arguments, headcanon and things from, okay? :suresure:

So you are going all out, then lol.

Nah, I give you another chance to prove your competence as a good debater if you are able to answer all these questions on my current post, okay?

You have been giving me the opportunity to fuck with you on each respond (props for the lolz); does that make you an idiot? :choppawhat:

Imagination 100

Of course, otherwise you would have come up with excuses like "B-b-but you have not answered everything! :(".

I don't care, you just have to deal with it and go on. :kata:

Could Jozu tank another slash aimed at him?
Mihawk decides what he is going to cut or not, Breath of All Things, you know?

Lol at pressing mountain sized icebergs.

King managed to cause a born of nature freak Yonko amnesia, you ready?

Jozu gets crippled even further by King, try again.

Sure I do.
Your post was almost the full page. Calm down.
@Sentinel is the GOAT when it comes to creating massive posts. I remember the good old times in OJ, where Sentinel and I used to shake the entire forum with our battles.

Man, the discussions with you, @Veku and @Admiral Lee Hung were always massive. The greatest Doffy debaters against the greatest Doffy lowballer. But at the end, you have managed to convince me that Doffy is YC2. :finally:

Considering the future showings of King and Queen, this would decide Doffy's powerlevel once and for all. :kata: