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@SmokedOut @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

@sanjikun: "My fellow Yonkou Fans, as your new leader, I…"

(Jet lands in the middle of the rally.)

sanjikun: "Who disrupts my coronation!"

(@ShishioIsBack jumps out of the jet and the jet turns into @Den_Den_Mushi.)

ShishioIsBack: "Coronation, sanjikun? This is bad comedy."

sanjikun: "@ZenZu, is that you?"

ShishioIsBack: "Here's a hint."

(After killing sanjikun.)

ShishioIsBack: "Will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes?"

@LANJI CUCKSMOKE: "What did he say his name was?"

ShishioIsBack: "ShishioIsBack!"

Everyone: "All hail ShishioIsBack! ShishioIsBack!"