Powers & Abilities "Advanced CoC" is not a thing. This is "Advanced Ryou" + CoC.

By looking at all the panels, it becomes clear that CoA is mixed with CoC. Law's comment like Oden, solidifies that Roger/Rayleigh were using CoC. But they also were using CoA by looking at their blades.

So all they're doing is adding CoC to their CoA attacks, which has already happened countless times.

You don't need some special form of CoC to do what Luffy did. You need special form of CoA, and you interlace that with CoC. Imo this was CoA hardening + CoC, a minor version of what Luffy is doing now.

I mean, it's just how we decide to call it. It's no different than coating your fist with COA and project it into your opponent's body, but switch COA with COC.
It doesn't really amplify the amount of COA you have, you just put it to different use.
Yet we still call it, Advaced COA
So it's nothing wrong calling the application of COC on your fist, Advanced COC.
Except Luffy doesn't use CoA at all when he first uses AdCoC to block Kaido's club.

We've been over this. Oda doesn't colour all the time. See Red Hawk last chapter.

It's COC. Luffy and Kaido literally spell it.
Yes, it's CoC... That's literally the title of the thread. The point is Luffy did not invent a new type of CoC, but rather is channeling it through the Ryou coating he was already using.
We've been over this. Oda doesn't colour all the time. See Red Hawk last chapter.
It doesn't matter. This is just overcomplicating a simple concept. Luffy comes to the realization that you can coat yourself with Conqueror's Haki, just like Hyou was teaching him to do with CoA. Kaido then confirms that, that is the case, but only a handful of people in the World can do it. Adding CoA hardening to it will definitely make the attack stronger, but it is not needed.
Simply attacking with CoC isn't advanced. Luffy has been doing it since dressrosa, so has doflamingo and katakuri.

What is advanced is flowing CoC. Luffy and Kaido are basically using the same haki flow techniques used by ryuo users with Coc.

Similar to how you need to flow CoA to harden a weapon, you need to flow CoC to imbue it into a weapon. Furthermore, like how CoA can be turned into a barrier, CoC can also be turned into a barrier if the user can flow haki.
I had this exact same thought since the chapter dropped and it's still confusing.

Why would Oda focus the entirety of Act 2 to make Luffy gain the Advanced levels of CoA when he throws it overboard immediately.

- What creates the barrier ?
- Do the attacks only hit harder or do they effect the inside ?

Kaido coughed up blood after Luffy hit him to the stomach and since no scales were destroyed I can only imagine that internal destruction was used.

Why would Oda show Hyo's Advanced armament training when Luffy just uses a Advanced CoC only ability.

Either way, it is far too confusing and we need context.