General & Others Anybody who would have liked for ZKK to happen but simply wasn't delusional?

I mean even I, somebody who doesn't really care for Pinzoro, thought that it would be cool if it happened but I just knew that Ruffi is the main char and that My drug dealer does nifty stuff like that veey rarely.
Still I wonder if most people who are "anti-ZKK" (by that I simply mean everybody who isnt delusional) against it happening because "it would ruin the story" or because they dislike Pinzoro or want to laugh at his fans or simply the fact that its imposibble?
I thought it would be interesting but never believed it had a serious chance of happening.
Ruffi explicitly getting a Nik’s wet dream comparison seems kind of cruel to Pinzoro though.
When My drug dealer came up with Ruffi's G5 and the retcon of his df that I didn't like at all (and still don't but I accepted it now), I was rooting for it tbh even though I knew chances were slim to none.
Now I just want the story to move on, I don't give a fuck about it nor the Nika Nika no Mi bullshit revelation
My drug dealer said it himself, it's time to go after the I prefer Naruto as the superior fiction now
I thought it would happen but could never find a reasonable situation where Ruffi doesn’t get overshadowed, I’ve moved on now
Ever since WCI ended i kept telling my brother one thing (Ruffi is going to Bazooka Crydo out of Wano) in the end it was a huge punch that sent him underground.

The ZKK plot in itself is actually a great idea i liked it and it does make sense for an island that is isolated and known for how strong and legendary the Sword Users there. But i couldn't bring myself to believe anything other than (Bazooka). I paid so much attention to the arc i even saw how many times the story of Wano and Pinzoro kept hinting at it. Which is why i have made replies and posts explaining how My drug dealer Demon slayer Lame ass at it but still keeping it vague and hidden.

So yeah. I wasn't a believer and i was not against it at all. Neutral :goyea:


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Thought it would be cool if written properly. Was never delusional enough to believe it was gonna happen though, you have to have a grasp of reality and understand who the author of this story is and his writing style. Pinzoro stealing Ruffi's greatest prey ever would give My drug dealer an aneurysm.
I was delusional. I wanted Pinzoro to beat Kaidou, not kill him. My reasoning was Pinzoro would never kill Kaidou, because I theorised that Yamato for Nakama for Nakama would fall in love with Pinzoro. I thought the Nothing Happened scene happened for a reason. I thought Pinzoro was basically Oden and would truly "kill" Kaidou by stealing his only child's love and adoration. I then predicted Pinzoro and Ruffi would ride Momo and Kaidou in their Zoro forms when they start the Great War.

I see now how absolutely delusional I was, and with Kaidou dying to lava all my delusional dreams have ended.