Anime & Manga Anyone who claims Zoro wins against Law is wrong

Law x big mom disproves everything you said.
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Nothing wrong with the observation that 3 Billion berries CAPTAIN wins against 1 Billion UNDERLING.
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Big mom's haki couldn't stop it, why would zoro's???
No it doesn't as all his attacks on BM were sneak attacks and created with Kidd's help. Law has never landed attack by himself against any high tier and up. The strongest person law was able to do it to alone was smoker. Zoro not only has everything over law but when law uses his awakening he can't use his regular room. Now be honest is law without his room really landing a attack on Zoro? Even with his room it'd be very difficult for law to land a hit in zoro. Idk why y'all always just love to ignore law's weaknesses. Anyone that's hard for law to hit and even if he could hit them can't 1 shot them is a nightmare for law because it runs the exact counter to how he fights. Law's entire fighting style is finding a way to land 1 of his 1 shot moves to end a fight. If law can't land the hit or if it would take law needing to land a bunch of attacks to win then law isn't winning that fight. For law to beat you he needs to be able to 1 or at worse 2 shot shot you because of how hard it is for him to land attacks.