• No chapter title.
  • No Reiner Helios moment.
  • No Falco saving Gabi from "her cruel fate".
  • Eren turns into an incel.
  • Cycle of Hatred isn't ended.
  • Paradis is still in danger from outside enemies.
  • Jean and Connie come back.
Yeah these are fake.


More details are out, more info suggests Eren was basically pulling a Lelouch.
In an unknown location, Mikasa is sitting under a tree, next to her is a small grave.

That bird comes to Mikasa and pecks at her scarf, then flies away into the distance.

Reiner: Historia's handwriting is always so pretty, smells nice too.

Jean: How many times have I told you, don't have any ideas for a married women, you're disgusting.

Pieck: And what about you jean? Who are you trying to impress by tidying up your hair so much.

Jean: ...For all the school girls who'll read the history books.

Reiner: History books? Do you mean the horse encyclopaedia?

Jean: The fact that a trash like you prolonged his life makes me deeply sad.

Eren has implanted memories in Armin a long time ago.

Eren wants to be the big bad guy and wants them to kill him.

This memory will only be activated after his death.

Levi might not see from his right eye again.

The Founding Titan power can be used to influence past and future.

Eren controlled Titanized Dina

to ignore Bertholdt and walks toward his mother.

After "The War between Heaven and Earth".

The Kingdom of Eldia established an "army" led by the Yaegerists to strengthen military power.

Fearing revenge from enemies across the ocean, people on the island chanted in unison:

If we win we survive, If we lose we die.

There's no victory without fighting.

Fight, Fight.

The war between Eldia and the rest of the world will continue, until one side is fully exterminated.

Last panel is Grisha holding Eren

What's stopping Ymir is her love and attachment to King Fritz.

Ymir was in pain for 2000 years because of that love.

The key person to break her free from that attachment will be Mikasa.

Armin: So... Why would it be Mikasa?

Eren: That... Only Ymir will know.

Eren: Even I don't know what Mikasa will do.

Armin and Eren's convo (the locked memory) happens on a boat.


Eren activated rumbling like it was his destiny, he also saw what would happen in the final battle.

3: Mikasa did what Ymir always wanted to do, and ended it all.

Eren cried during his convo with Armin

Because he can't be with Mikasa forever, He wants Mikasa to stop moving forward, He wants Mikasa to be his everything.

But in the end he still made Armin agree that he won't tell this to Mikasa.

Pic 11: Armin said they can find a way to save Eren

But Eren refused, saying that he has sinned too much and doesn't deserve to be saved.

Zekken then added his personal opinion:

"this is my personal opinion, someone who has even chasing freedom his whole life ends up being a slave to destiny, don't do Eren like this. (angry face emoji)"

The curse of the Titan ends. Eldians can't turn into titans again, the war hasn't ended, but they won't give up Paradis' future.

The conflict inside Paradis still exist.

Mikasa buried Eren's head where he once slept.

The rest I've mentioned in previous threads.

The end, for Attack on Titan.

Pic 13: Historia mentions in her letter that she agrees with what Eren said, that war can only end when one side is fully exterminated.

Now they have to deal with what Eren has left them, and learn how to survive in a world without titans.

Zekken's leak about Eren planning off Carla's death because bertolt couldnt die now as he still had a purpose is true as well

Zekken's leak about Eren planning off Carla's death because bertolt couldnt die now as he still had a purpose is true as well

Also yes, Mikasa is indeed the reason why it ended all as she has done what Ymir has always wished to do.

Another summary



Tell me if that bitch ass slut traitor mikasa is dead finally
She's alive and well lol
Code Titan:gokulaugh:
Eren vi Britannia:doffytroll:
Yeah he swaggerjacked Lelouch's style, but very poorly lol

Welp...I lost interest in AOT a few years back so I don't really care. My issues with the manga have nothing to do with what the ending was. The entire direction of the series annoyed me for some time.

For my friends here that are mad, I wish these spoilers are fake. But all the regular leakers are saying the same thing lol