Avatar: The Last Airbender

This thread is about one of the most famous and best animated that I and many others have seen, its sequel The Legend of Korra and its extended universe (lore, comics, novels, games, etc...) and the live-action remake that is being in production thanks to Netflix.

Here you can talk about everything you liked in ATLA and LOK, the episodes, characters, nations and various forms of bending in this universe and say which is your favorite or least favorite character, episode, book, natio, form of bending, etc...
My favorite character in Avatar is without a doubt Azula, I just loved how badass, cunning, sharp-tongued, intimidating she was as an antagonist but also how she's also a very complex and ambigious character who's very socially awkward and despite her ruthlessness and lack of tact is also a deeply insecure girl who's able of genuine love and affection but who doesn't know how to express it or to get love from others.
Avatar is one of the best written stories.
It has everything, epic fights, one of the best character developments, philosophy and a good amount of humor.
The legend of Korra is also awesome. I love Zaheer and Amon, they are great villains. I love that there’s more weight on spirituality and the spirit world even though the world is advanced. Korra can be annoying but If she was a real person I would’ve a crush on her. I really liked the story of Avatar Wan, definitely my favourite Avatar.
My fav characters are : Iroh, Zuko, Bumi, Zaheer, Wan and Korra


The Road To Harmony
This series consumed my early adolescence. Simply amazing. One of the best cast of characters, some of the best character growth for a kids series, stellar action and animation, and very heartwarming. I was a hardcore Zutarian in those days.

Korra was...disappointing. There was so many great ideas in the various seasons, but aside from the 3rd, they didn't fully realize them. Its cast was also far less balanced and jumbled compared to the original.