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Light D Lamperouge

๐–‚๐–๐–†๐–™ ๐•ฎ๐–”๐–š๐–‘๐–‰ ๐•ณ๐–†๐–›๐–Š ๐•ญ๐–Š๐–Š๐–“

In this round in this thread we will have 8 characters, which means 4 fights.


Iron Man/Tony Stark MCU
I first saw Tony in the first โ€œIron Manโ€ he came off as a total jerk to me. But as is story is progresses we as the audience see his development as a character in various films in the MCU. Once his end comes in Endgame, he is the complete polar opposite of the man he started out as in Iron Man. So let's have a look at the complete character arc of the godfather in MCU infinity saga โ€œTony Starkโ€ over the various movies he has featured in.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe begins with the introduction of Iron Man in his first solo movie, Iron Man in 2008. Tony is shown as a billionaire playboy in this movie who doesn't have much responsibility in his life. Tony has a small character arc within this film, however, he still ends the film being the same person he started out as. He takes a little more control in the company, but he is still the irresponsible playboy.

Iron Man's second outing, we see him in a battle with the government on control over the suits. This movie does not really add anything to Tony's character that we did not know before. He is still irresponsible and does not use the Iron Man suit wisely at some points in the film.

In the Avengers (2012), we see Tony Stark have to work with others to save the universe. In this film, Tony is the most arrogant. He is cocky, rude, and thinks he is better than everyone else. Although Tony is at his most arrogant, his actions at the end of the battle in New York is a turning point to his character. This does show a more heroic side of Tony, but this scene plays a bigger role in with his psyche in future movies.

In the most underrated film of the MCU, we see Tony Stark dealing with anxiety and PTSD from the attack on New York. We see how a normal human being, in a world of Gods and assassins, would deal with an alien attack. Tony has a fear of another attack just like New York, so he is obsessed in building suit after suit to protect him. Tony is a totally changed person by the end of the movie. He is in a much better place than where he started. He understands that he can't always be the one person to protect the world. He ends the movie by destroying all his suits.

After the events of Iron Man 3, the screenwriters took a step backwards with Tony's story. He ended Iron Man 3 being a better person, but he is back to his normal self in this Age of Ultron. Tony is so arrogant that he goes behind the back of the rest of rest of the avengers to create Ultron. Even with all the flaws of Tony in this film, there is a scene that adds a lot to Iron Man's character, especially after viewing Endgame (2019). Scarlett Witch shows him a vision in which all the Avengers are dead. When he kneels beside Steve, Steve tells Tony that he could have saved them. So, this even added more to Tony's dream of protecting the world.

The next movie โ€œCaptain America:Civil Warโ€in which he makes a major appearance is the major turning point for Tony Stark. The story in this movie is the Avengers answering for their actions to the government. This obviously splits the Avengers apart because Steve doesn't want to be controlled, but Tony thinks they need to be put in check. Tony wants to take responsibility. He changes as a person during the course of this movie. We see him becoming a more responsible person. It also adds more to his character when he begins to take a more fatherly role in the life of Peter Parker in this movie and even in 2017's Spider Man Homecoming. He sees himself in Peter and wants to protect him. This is a more responsible Tony than what we have seen before. Then we also feel for Tony on a personal level when Tony sees his parents choked to death by Bucky. Captain America beats him to near death. Tony cowers as Cap slams his shield into the Iron Man suit. He cares about his life. He does not want it to end this way. This is different than the previous Tony who did not really care about his life.

Now we're onto Avengers:Infinity War. This movie creates so much emotional depth for the character. We have watched him struggle with anxiety from the attacks and wanting to make the world a safe place. It has all lead Tony to the events in this movie. He has driven himself crazy to defeat the guy who has caused him so much anxiety since New York. the saddest part about the whole thing is is that no matter how hard he tried to create the perfect suit to stop Thanos's eventual arrival, he is still no match. By the end of the movie when everyone is snapped to dust, Tony is in a low point again. He could not protect the world even at his best.

In the final conclusion to the Infinity War storyline Avengers:Endgame, Tony is beaten. He has given up on trying to protect everyone else and worries only about being happy himself. He is eventually brought back into being Iron Man to save the universe one last time. However, he does not do it for himself. He has everything to lose now. He has a wife and a daughter named Morgan. The final scene with Iron Man is the most heartbreaking, if we remember the man he started out as. Tony Stark in 2008 would not have sacrificed his life like he does in Endgame. Through the events that made him take more responsibility and allowed him to grow into a hero, Tony can lay his life down to save others. When Strange raises his finger to give a clue to Tony how to defeat Thanos, Tony's face is a look of realization that he must sacrifice his life. We know that he did not want to do it because he was so happy being a father, but he does so anyway to protect the world.


Endeavour MHA
Endeavor character development :

- Endeavor is the best character in MHA by far and the one with the most character development.

Endeavor is complex : he is a hero and a great one. The guy is said to be the most efficient hero in Japan. He honed his skills so much that he is the best hero around and he likely saved tons and tons of people and arrested lots of villains.

But he was not the best. Endeavor grew up and lived in a world where All Might was a thing. Where All Might was everything. And it drove him crazy.

Endeavor had one ambition being the strongest. Only one fโ€™drive being the strongest.
And yet there was one hero he could never surpass whatever he tried, however he trained : All Migjt.

Endy trained relentlessly, like a mad man, no other heroes tried to be closer in strength to All Might. Everyone said : AM is too strong, letโ€™s dropped it, Endy answer : never.

But he failed. He became strong, mad strong but he failed.

He grew hateful and imagined some ways to surpass All Might. Children.

He paid a girl parents with an Ice quirk (super power) for them to give him their daughter to marry him.

He wanted a child with both fire and ice powers to surpass All might.

But the fate made his first born only had fire powers. Yet that child had great fire powers, even stronger than Endy. So he still had hoped and trained him. He even loved that child. But that child Touya has a weak body and couldnโ€™t handle his own fire. Si Endeavor discard him, stopped training him or even look at him.

He even decided to make other children to have the perfect child.

After 3 attempts he manges to have Shoto. His perfect creation.

Touya became mad and hateful toward that baby who replaced him into his father eyes. And tried to attack Shoto. Touya even continued to train secretly only to his father rage and warth against his wife for not caring after him. He even hit her once.

Soon after that Touya in despair trained too far and killed himself.

Endeavor was hurt, he still cared about his son even if he rejected him because of his weakness.

After that Endeavor who was mad toward strength became even madder. And Shoto became is sole reason to live, his sole purpose : making Shoto the number one.

Endeavor abuse toward his wife or Shoto became more frequent : he pushed young Shoto hard, hitting on him for training, isolating him from his weaker siblings, only the training,

His wife broke one day and send a hot pot of water on Shoto face because he reminded her his husband. Shoto was scarred for life. And her mother hospitalized for mental breakdown.

Shoto was now all alone with his father.

Fast forward : Endeavor made Shoto a strong quirk user.

But because grew hateful toward his father so he swore to not use his fire powers.

Endeavor was still the eternal number 2. Always the great hero publicly and the crazy guy inside.

He trained Shoto again and again. And Shoto decided to use that madness to learn from Endeavor ( because Endy was still a great and powerful hero).

But the turning point of his story was All Might retirement.

Endeavor without deserving it became number one, the first hero in Japan, his eternal dream finally came true.

Really ? Not really. Endeavor didnโ€™t want to became number one like that, he wanted to surpass All Might.

He had no choice than to accept. But being in All Might shoes isnโ€™t easy.

Being strong and the powerful number 2 was great but being number one, the new symbol of peace was overwhelming.

Endeavor even began to change and put his pride aside and asked his forever enemy (AM) some advices : how to be the number one ?

Endeavor slowly began to understand that being number 1 wasnโ€™t what he always imagined.
And he tried to change a little. To be what everyone wanted him to be.

Hood incident is where he truely embraced his role as number one. A monster attacked a city and Endeavor took him down after going all out in front of the public, and succeeding against that impossible odd and raising his fist in the air (justice pose) Endeavor became the true number one.

He would never be All Might it was impossible. AM was too strong, too much, but being the great Endeavor was already great.

All of that made him rรฉalise his former dream was shit and his behavior with his family.

He tried to apologize in his own way to Shoto, to be a real father again. But it was a long long way.

He even tried to be nice again to his other children.

But the road is still quite long and building the Brigdes again will take time. Their relationships was too much damaged,
He even started to see his wife again in hospital.

But he understood his children hate and distance toward him and decided to left home to left them alone.

Then the war happened and Endeavor was the lead hero to keep the society safe. Even if they won he failed too and even discovered Touya was still alive and now a big time villain.

He was devastated. Touya his first son he thought dead, was a villain and became like that because of him.

And Touya revealed to the whole world how much of a monster Endy was.

So after the war Endeavor was publicly ashamed and his name was sullied. He didnโ€™t manage to protect society and was a public abuser.

But in the hospital his wife came to see him, told him to man up, to rise again, that the Touya situation was their fault. And even if it will take time they can be a family again to save Touya.

And Endeavor managed to find the strength to overcome that blow and be a hero again.

Thรฉ soecity began to crumble and needed him and he needed to atone for his crime and sins.


Greed FMAB

โ€œI want to bring back the dead."I want money.โ€ โ€œI want women.โ€ โ€œI want to protect this world.โ€. These thoughts all come from the same place. In other words, theyโ€™re our truest desires. The way I see it, greed is no different from hope. You donโ€™t see a problem with too much hope, do ya? The problem is, you humans are always trying to apply a hierarchy to greed - whatโ€™s noble to desire, whatโ€™s taboo. Itโ€™s ALL good!

Greed is the third homunculus (they're an antagonist facion in the full metal alchemist verse) father (the main antagonist of the series) created.

His charcter development is really interesting as his journey after he reborns as Ling ( another character of the series who becomes the vessel of Greed ) leads him from a life of selfishness to caring so much for...well "his own possessions" that he will sacrifice himself to protect Ling

He's a very unique character in the series who really lives up to his name as he seeks to obtain everything the world has to offer, but as we know him more and more we learn that his " view of greed" can hide different meanings


Jamie Lannister
Jaime Lannister was introduced to us as a disloyal, dishonorable, and treasonous murderer.
He was well known by the derogatory titles "Kingslayer" and "Oath breaker" as he
killed the Mad King, who he swore on his life to protect.

Jaime initially holds true to his reputation, with his attempted murder of bran stark, his battle with Ned stark, and his incestous relationship with Cersei.

However, itโ€™s not until season 3 where things begin to change for Jaime's character. On the way to being escorted to Kingโ€™s Landing by Brienne of Tarth, the two are captured by a small force of Bolton soldiers. Itโ€™s here that Jaime begins to show compassion towards Brienne, warning her that the Boltonโ€™s will rape her that evening. Jaime turns out to be correct as the Bolton's
do drag out Brienne to the bushes to gang rape her. Jamie disgusted by this,
lies to the Bolton's to save her and they back down. However Jaime runs
his mouth too much, which results in the Bolton's chopping off his hand. This is where we really see Jaime broken, knowing his best weapon, his sword, is forever neutralized.
Upon Jaime and Brienneโ€™s arrival at Harrenhal, we finally see Jaime really opening up. We learn that he stabbed the Mad King in the back because he was ordered to kill his own father, and then burn the entire city, and itโ€™s inhabitants to the ground with wildfire. Jamie had two choices, either keep your vows to the king and commit mass murder
break your vows and save the people and your family.
And he choose the latter, knowing he would be forever mocked by the realm, hence
the title "Kingslayer".
Later, weโ€™re shown yet another one of Jaimeโ€™s character traits: his love for his little brother, Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion, born a dwarf, is hated by the rest of the family; including Cersei.
When Tyrion is accused of killing Joffrey by Cersei, Jaime repeatedly pleads with his family on behalf of his brother but is turned away every time. When Tyrion's execution date is set, Jaime is fed up with his family and breaks his brother out of prison.
As Tyrion would later admit, Jaime was the only one to have ever loved
In the beginning of the series, he was arrogant, smug, disloyal and immoral but towards the end he was humble, righteous, brave and honorable.


Dr Perry Cox from Scrubs
Dr Perry Cox is a tragic individual who appears heartless, cruel, sadistic, intimidating etc at first but over time, you realise, Perry is a good man with a big heart who lives with a lot of pain and regret.

He comes across as very abrasive, cynical/jaded and just done with life and people. A Broken Bird type character. He's very wise and competent but it didn't come for free, he had major mistakes in the past and it cost him and he secretly yearns to prevent others repeating his mistakes.

He had problems with alcoholism and his own self esteem, often picking on sensitive, kinder, more innocent and big hearted/eyed characters like JD and Elliott who he would call various deragatory nicknames, especially "Barbie".

He also comes across as trusting of no one and he is like a military seargent of the medical industry/hospital where he works at. As the series goes on, he does grow though, he does change for the better. Other characters suffer cursed Flanderisation but he gets it the least.

John C. McGinley is an an amazing actor and it shows in Scrubs, especially like with One Piece, when the writers suddenly get serious, emotional and stop joking around and being so casual.
In fact Scrubs has a wonderful absurdity and humour to it reminiscient of Oda's and thus One Piece's style.

He also gets called out by female characters he picks on over time and he gets reality checks from others, despite being the biggest, most famous dispenser of them in the series.
He tends to screw himself over and has serious issues going back to childhood abuse but especially JD who is like the Luffy of the series sees the fading and once burning bright goodness in Perry and tries to reinvigorate it.
There's this unspoken, weird masculine but also vulnerable bond between them, almost like a father and son and it's wonderful.

He actually manages to fix things with his ex-wife and becomes a father of a child with her which thaws his heart and brings out his inner gentleness again. Both of them undergo some major improvements as people after becoming parents, like a lot of or at least some people IRL.

He also no matter how depressed/cynical/jaded he gets, cannot ignore someone who needs help, someone in distress. No matter how bad things get, he never gives up, he never loses sight of who he is and he comes back stronger for it over time through the series.

There are such amazing, emotionally stunning and powerful scenes in Scrubs including with him especially too. He is such an fantastically written and acted characterthat also bounces off a brilliant cast and writing in general too. Scrubs is genuinely a masterpiece, it's made me so laugh so many times beyond count but also made me cry multiple times and left an unforgettable impression on me. Perry is one of those reasons especially.

There's so much more I could say about him but I've said so much already too, so I'll conclude with these and hope I've done enough for him!:

One last thing actually:

There's this amazingly tragic, profound and unforgettable storyline with his best friend and ex-wifes brother who is played by the one and only legend BRENDAN FRASER too! It's Season 3, Episode 14 and it's called "My Screw Up" and if there is only maybe one episide I could recommend of Scrubs or at least Dr Cox, it's this one.
The less you know the absolute better, it's a completely bittersweet to heartbreaker of an episode. To this day, it floors me with the quality of the writing and acting especially. Scrubs also had a very profound, beautiful use of licensed music and such which also worked for this episode. If anyone likes the game Life is Strange, I swear Scrubs inspired it, it's such a similar vibe.


Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk
Hanamichi Sakuragi. The main character in the classic series Slam Dunk. He in my opinion one of the characters that had the best character development.

Chapter 1 Sakuragi is just a high school no good with no affiliation nor any interest in basketball. He used basketball as a flex just to impress Haruku Akagi after getting rejected by 50 girls. Chapter after chapter we can see how he starts loving basketball with the help of his teammates, coach Anzai and manager Ayako.

A few of the many moments that show Sakuragi's Character development.


Zuko from Avatar
Zuko is introduced in episode 1 with the single minded goal of capturing Aang, and the show's intention at first is to portray Zuko as a clear villain and antagonist. All Zuko does for the first few episodes is say "gotta capture aang! gotta capture aang! gotta capture aang!" over and over again. You could go as far as to say that Aang is living rent free in Zuko's head. So yeah, first impression is that Zuko is another generic and bland villain.

We then learn that Zuko is a far more nuanced character. We discover that the reason he's chasing the Avatar is because he was banished for caring about the lives of his country men, which shows that Zuko isn't the one dimensional villain that we thought we was in episode 1. This shows that all Zuko wants deep down isn't to capture the Avatar, but that he simply wants his father love and he desperately wants to go home.

Zuko getting banished and getting his scar!

The ironic thing is that Zuko has an uncle who loves him and treats him like his own son, but he's so obsessed with getting his father's love and approval that he turns a blind eye to his uncle's love. Zuko is so obsessed with winning his father's respect that he goes so far as to betray his nation and commits treason by setting the Avatar free after some Fire Nation soliders capture him. This is where Zuko starts to blur the line and where the viewer starts to question is Zuko is really an antagonist and villain. Zuko is fighting the bad guys from his nation in order to free the main character. Even if Zuko is only doing this just to capture Aang himself, you can't help but feel there's more to Zuko"s character.

Zuko saving Aang and betraying his nation!

The rest of Season 1 is Zuko constantly trying to capture Aang and constantly catching Ls so let's skip that and fast forward to Season 2. Season 2 gets more interesting for Zuko's character development since now Zuko's father has sent Zuko's sister to capture Zuko and his uncle. So now Zuko is being hunted after by his own countrymen, the same countrymen that he tried saving in the first place which led to his banishment.

Zuko being declared a fugitive/traitor and being hunted down!

As the stress of Zuko being hunted down as a traitor and fugitive gets to him, we see Zuko slowly and slowly go further to the dark side. He starts robbing people all day everyday, constantly disrespects his uncle, and just acts more and more unpleasant. Eventually his sister Azula needs his help and she offers Zuko a way to return home, as long as Zuko helps her capture the avatar and their uncle. In other words, Zuko has to choose between returning home and getting his father's love, or standing by the uncle who lived with him in exile when he had nobody else. Zuko decides to betray his uncle and side with his sister, the same sister that was trying to capture him all throughout season 2 lmao. Zuko's lowest and most shameful point by far.

Zuko betraying his uncle! Boo!!! *throws tomato at Zuko*

So Season 3 starts and Zuko finally faces his father. His father praises him, he got a girlfriend off-panel, the citizens of the Fire Nation all praise his return. Zuko finally got everything he wanted.

Zuko returning home and everyone cheering for him!

And yet despite getting everything he's finally wanted, Zuko is still not happy. The guilt of his uncle rotting in prison while he's living the 10/10 rich life gets to him. Eventually Zuko realizes that he doesn't need his father's love and approval, and that the Fire Nation is an evil and tyrannical nation that has caused countless amount of death and destruction. Zuko then decides to confront his father and tell him all of this. Zuko's father is proud of him after hearing all of this and tells Zuko he leave the Fire Nation in peace. Just kidding, Zuko's fathers first reaction is to murder Zuko after hearing this. Zuko's sister also tries killing Zuko after hearing this.

Zuko's crazy father trying to kill him!

Zuko's crazy sister trying to kill him!

Zuko then joins Aang's group and becomes Aang's firebending teacher. In other words, Zuko goes from a villain and an antagonist to now becoming a good guy and one of the protagonists. Zuko ends up teaching Aang firebending quite well and he manages to integrate himself with the main characters quite well, going on 1 on 1 trips with Aang, Katara, and Sokka, (sorry Toph lmao).

Eventually though, Zuko challenges his sister to a duel to determine who the next Fire Lord will be. Azula loses the deal and Zuko becomes the new Fire Lord and the 100 year war is finally over.

Zuko's sister getting her ass kicked!

Zuko becoming the new Fire Lord!

Zuko's character development is phenomenal and it was beautiful watching him start off as a villain and antagonist and slowly turning into a protagonist and good guy over 3 seasons.


Vegeta from DB

Vegeta from Dragon Ball

Vegeta was the Prince of Saiyans. He was taught that he was the best and should have a high level of pride in himself and his own race. It all ended when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta and killed most of the Saiyans. Vegeta was one of the few survivors. He was stripped from his title and forced to work for Frieza. During his time with Frieza, he built up a lot of hatred.

When Vegeta arrived on Earth, he fought against Goku, but in the end, Vegeta lost. Since Vegeta was labeled the Prince of all Saiyans and a warrior, he didn't take his loss that easily. The battle cracked Vegeta's pride and massive ego, which started his transformation into a better person.

Vegeta went to Planet Namek to kill Frieza for destroying his race. He tried to use the Dragon Balls as well but failed. The fight against Frieza didn't go well either and lost yet again. Vegeta later realized that his negative thoughts were getting in his way and hindering his improvement.

After Goku managed to defeat Frieza, Vegeta became friends with Bulma. She had access to all of Capsule Corp's advanced technology. This is where Vegeta started his training to surpass Goku. After some serious and exhausting training sessions, Vegeta became frustrated that he still couldn't turn into Super Saiyan just like Goku. When a huge meteor was about to hit his training planet, he thought he didn't have enough strength to destroy it, so he was close to giving up. But he snapped as he was close to dying and turned Super Saiyan for the first time. He used his first Super Saiyan form during his fight against Android 19 and 21 for the first time.

Sometimes Vegeta even managed to surpass Goku for a short amount of time. Vegeta losing to his opponent was usually because of his pride, big ego and his selfish decisions.

After defeating Cell, Vegeta didn't get much screentime. Mainly because he spent his time training to surpass Goku. He got the feeling that he had very little to no growth for 7 years. He decided to let Babidi control his mind in hopes of getting his old self back. He thought that he had gotten soft since he became a father and a husband. Vegeta challenged Goku again, but he lost. He decided to regain his humanity to save the earth and his last thoughts were Bulma and his son Trunks before he sacrificed his life to defeat Majin Buu. But Majin Buu didn't die. Vegeta later admitted that Goku was actually stronger than him and decided to work with Goku in order to beat Majin Buu. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta became a rather nice guy.

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta was very sympathetic and grew closer to Bulma. He started finally acting like a true husband.

During Bulma's party, Beerus angered Bulma, so she slapped Beerus. In return, Beerus slapped her as well. At this Vegeta snapped and tried to fight against a God who was obviously a lot stronger than him. This also showed that Vegeta stopped being a coward. In the early arcs of Dragon Ball Vegeta only fought against those who were clearly weaker than him, but during Dragon Ball Super, he was ready to fight against a God.


I like Vegeta more but i choose Zuko because i think his development is better.
Scrubs looks like a great show when i look at the synopsis. Will watch it at some point.
If i was in i would pick Jamie too. :kriwhat:
Man is too awesome not to get picked.

Light D Lamperouge

๐–‚๐–๐–†๐–™ ๐•ฎ๐–”๐–š๐–‘๐–‰ ๐•ณ๐–†๐–›๐–Š ๐•ญ๐–Š๐–Š๐–“
Jaime went back to Kingโ€™s Landing to go die with his sister. So basically he went back to the way he was at the start of the show. I thought character development meant that we were supposed to see some change? ๐ŸŒš
LMAO. I was just about to write the same thing. He was always just Cersei's pawn that abided by whatever she said.
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