Theory Black Maria is related to Amazon Lily?

Hello, I just have a theories/thoughts regarding our beautiful girl, Black Maria.:sweat:

Why i make a theory about Black Maria might related to Amazon Lily?

Back to Amazon Lily Arc, we met Elder Nyon (Gloriosa) who might be the oldest person in Amazon Lily and the ex-empress of Amazon Lily. Exactly 3rd generation before Hancock became an empress.

And then, when we read/watch the scene when Hancock had love-illness, Elder Nyon said to hancock that she had the same love-illness like hancock did, but she manage to leave amazon lily and i assumed she manage to find her love or she might married too.
picture from One Piece Chapter 522
Note : Now we know that old person sometimes shrinking, like Hyogoro The Flower and Bakkin. So Elder Nyon might be normal-size human back then.

What if, when Gloriosa was outside of Amazon Lily and she might married with a Man (idk who) and then she had a child. What if that child is Black Maria?

And then, there is many theories about Maria ate ancient zoan type Titanoboa which is Snake too. (it might be Hebi-Hebi No Mi, ancient type : model Titanoboa)
That add more probabilities if somehow Maria related to Amazon Lily. Because as we know, both Sandersonia and Marigold ate Hebi-Hebi No mi model Anaconda and King Cobra. And the island itself had snake as their symbol

And if we comparing her height to Marigold, Sandersonia, and Aphelandra, its seems they're had similar height right? :choppawhat:

Theory Update, An Addition for more Proof that Black Maria might be related to Amazon Lily (updated today, May 18th)
"All known residents from Amazon Lily are possibly named after flowers or other flowering plants: even the island is named after one. " from

We knew that Gloriosa, Marigold, Sandersonia, Marguerite, Rindo, etc was named after a flower too. *Excluding hancock

And if you google/search "Black Maria flower", you will be directed to flower named "Bougainvillea".

*picture from

So, thats might be an indication if Black Maria is related to Amazon Lily. (updated today, May 18th)

Theory Update (Updated today, May 19th)
For the people who assuming Black Maria is the ex-empress of Amazon Lily, Elder Nyon (Gloriosa) was told hancock with this panel. So i dont think Maria was an ex-empress of Amazon Lily.
That would put the highest possibility on Black Maria might be Elder Nyon's daughter.

*picture from One Piece chapter 522

Theory Update (Updated today May, 20th)
I dont know if this some reaching or not, but we see Black Maria close-up outfit like this

So, i just watch amazon lily arc exactly when Luffy having a banquet with Amazon lily's resident. And here is their outfit looks alike

They're outfit style looks similar to Black Maria right?
I might reaching on this one, but this is still a good point to shows that Black Maria (once again) related to Amazon Lily by her outfit.

Updated Theory (Updated on May, 23rd)
"If Black Maria is elder nyon's daughter and she from amazon lily, whe she isn't an Empress of Amazon Lily?"

From her looks, Maria might be on the same age as Hancock (31), or even Smoothie (35). And my theory is, Maria might want to be an Empress of Amazon Lily but Hancock want to be the empress too. And because Maria and Hancock want to be an empress of Amazon Lily, the only way to decide who is gonna take the seat of the empress is through the battle.

Note: We assume Maria and Hancock is on that picture, fighting each other.
And because Hancock win against Maria, so Hancock take the seat to become the empress of Amazon Lily.
And because Black Maria lose to Hancock, she might dont want to be Hancock's underlings and choose to leave amazon Lily and make her own pirate groups and now she became one of the tobi roppo of the beast pirates.

Note : And i might reaching on this one, but i'll put in anyway.

Note : More reaching, dont take this so serious. (Im not saying Smoothie is related to Amazon Lily)

Its just my theories/thought about Black Maria. What do you think guys? Thank you.
Good theory, it's still a long shot but it's possible