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nano didn’t have any real significance on SS arc and her ability to know census doesn’t make sense I’d believe that ability to be with Mayuri, Central 46, Urahara or Isane.
Day 1 ends Night 1 begins
A solemn end

As the end of the day approached, the air was filled with tension and expectations. People were up in arms, torches and pitchforks. Waiting for the lynch to happen. As the executee approached the gallows, they looked upon the angry crowd and smiled one last time....​

@SoulKiller / Ise Nanao has been lynched!

"I never knew that it felt so terrifying to hold a sword in your hands and fight."

[Passive – Know It All] As an avid reader Nanao is very knowledgeable. She is also a skilled calculator. When the game starts, she will receive a census of all current factions within the game.

[Passive – Woman’s Association Vice President] Nanao loves to enforce her sense of superiority and control over the Shinigami Men’s Association. If Marechiyo Omaeda is on an opposing wagon, Nanao’s vote will count for 2.

[Active – Death Glare] When Nanao takes off her glasses her stare is so frightening that it would intimidate anybody. Target a player and prevent them from moving, Jailing them at night.

[Active - Inquisitive Mind] Nanao knows how to follow at a safe distance and makes sure she isn’t dragged into anything. Target a player and learn who they visit at night.

[Active - Hakudan Keppeki] Nanao created this ability to be able to block passage from high spiritual pressure individuals, she can create a barrier around her and a player of her choice and protect them against harmful effects for a phase.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Gotei 13

Day 1 has ended

Night 1 begins

You have 24 hours to send in your actions

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What is your character?
I mean, I will claim if I have to. I really don't feel like I have to claim rn.

@Charlie the whole point of the lynch is he didn't claim to ultra
I mean yeah, that's the reasoning. I only jumped when i saw him claiming better version of my census ability. Tbh I town read him if we're talking about thread. Guess i have to start voting my town reads now.
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